(For sale - US) - LA Croix Deck

Brand new, never got to building it.

$600 + shipping


sell it to me for $400 right now…

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has this been sold yet?

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Still available

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Wow that 200 deck enclosure combo on the other forum was a real steal then. I didn’t realize these were so expensive


Hey, still available? Are you willing to be competitive with the prices here?



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These are pricey in deed. Too bad you guys missed out on the one linked. But also that one was used. This is not.


if i had not just bought i trampa i would have bought this… I think 600 is alot for a board but at the same time there are now super rare and one of a kind

Yeah, if I wasn’t super busy with adulting I wouldn’t be selling this. So many builds that I haven’t finished.

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Interested but just spent a lot of money on a onewheel, may decide to purchase if the price goes down by a little but can’t afford at the current price atm.

It was really a $375 x the combo. Anyhow, it was a steal back then! When the forum offering ended LaCroix deck + enclosure regular price jumped to double of that.

Yeah after the group buy, they were 699+shipping.

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Still taking offers on the deck?

Damn would’ve taken this in a snap if this was 2 months ago…

Yeah still available