For sale: Used custom adjustable motor mount for OM5065

$20 + shipping, U.S. only (I am in AZ)

I recently upgraded to a larger motor and don’t need this mount anymore. It’s for caliper trucks and it fits the odd bolt spacing of Chaka’s OM5065 200 kv and 170 kv motors. It will not fit the OM6085.

I designed this mount and had a machine shop machine it. The angle is adjustable so you can get great ground clearance. I used it for about a year and never had a problem with it coming loose.

I cut the corner off after it was machined so that I could get more ground clearance. It will work on either the right or left of the truck but if you put it on the left you might want to cut the other corner off too.

It’s a little dirty and scratched now but it still works great!

Units are in inches

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Here are a couple pics of it on my board when it was new: