For Sale: Vesc Wand w/ pistol grip, 12S6P 40T pack zero cycles

Location: USA NYC or Central NJ

Not used as in zero cycles but didn’t feel right posting in the new parts category due to owning it for some months now and me plugging it into my Vesc.

I have a custom battery made by @TheRef. This pack was made to fit a double stack enclosure by Eboards Peru for my LY Evo build that I never completed thanks to my obsession with my mountain board build. I’ve checked with my enclosure and it does indeed fit. It contains Samsung 40T cells and a smart BMS with Bluetooth connectivity. Pack was only ever hooked up to ESC and ran motor detection but never used beyond that. I check voltage weekly and charge the pack if necessary but it holds a full charge with literally zero cycles on it. Build quality is beautiful but I don’t see myself using it. Price is $650.00 I believe I paid $900-1100 new.

Ohhh, I Also have the double stack enclosure if anyone is interested in getting it with the battery. It has holes drilled by me and is in no means perfectly done but very much usuable. Will be updating with pictures laying inside enclosure. Edit: plenty of room for a unity/stormcore sized ESC left.

Thank you for taking the time to look!

12S6P 40T for LY Evo Double Stack enclosure $650 without enclosure PayPal GnS or Local pickup +$50 w/enclosure.

Vesc Wand works perfectly just prefer my puck remote. Screen ended up getting scratched by me trying to rub off some dust with my long ass nails but nearly perfect besides that. $120.00 PayPal GnS, or Local pickup. First pick small specks are dust. The long line seen better in other picks is the scratch.


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I’m so sorry, I was just looking for a place where I could post it

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