For sale (WW): spot in the kickstarter queue for hummie hubs

For sale is my hummie hub spot. I pledged the 698dollar version, including international shipping. Checked upfront with john (@hummieee) and got his ok to sell my spot.

Selling upfront as if i need to sell them when they are in my country, price is higher due to huge import costs.

625 EURO (690 dollar) ONO. So i give up my 78 or so dollars of shipping and a few bucks. (sorry US guys, international indeed get a bigger discount i guess) And you dont have to wait another half year for the next batch. Contact details are transferred after i see it on my (Belgian) bank account.

2wd Hub Motor Kit 70kv with a top speed of 30mph using 12s battery 4 Hummie Motors tires for the motors 4 Abec11 Centrax tires 83mm Paris 195mm v2 trucks *custom 12mm axle hanger for the motors (complete set of trucks) 25

As these are still to be built by John, the below is a picture found on his kickstarter page. Actual product can still vary. fab0cd1f582ee700119fdec9e092fc93_original (1)

Sold. 10char