Forum feature - reply to email

This forum needs a “reply to email” feature for threads. Does it have it / can it be enabled?

Massively easier to use!

The forum runs on discourse forum software. So if you go on their website and they have that feature @onloop may be able to add it.

@onloop can we enable this feature pls?

I would really like this also.

I already have this.

You do? When I get an email from the forum I go on and then delete it afterwards, with out looking at it. So I went back and looked at some ‘recent’ emails from the forum and i did not have it. Idk, maybe I’m missing something.

I get emails as well. Check your settings

I get emails, but I don’t have the respond to email feature that @oneafrikan is talking about

I can reply from inside my email. What do you mean?

@lox897 so you can reply to an email and it adds the reply to the thread?

As in click the reply button on the email or actually reply to the email?

Reply to the email. I don’t want to have to click the button then go to the site then type my response then close the window then delete the email. Rather just reply to email & delete email.

No I can’t do that.