Forum Mobile App & Discourse Updates

As some of you may know the forum recently got an update! I’ll get right to the details, there is a forum mobile app :rofl: It is essentially an app that looks just like the web browser, but I will be using it because it provides push notifications!

iOS App

Android App When adding this forum to the app make sure you paste the entire link to the homepage

Now to the updates:

Show Who’s Replying

Discourse is all about replies being disconnected in time and space, but we agree that showing when people are actually replying to a topic is genuinely useful in a variety of contexts. So we’ve added live indicators at the bottom of a topic, and in the composer itself, to let you know when other people are actively replying.

You may also notice we’ve restyled the composer to bring it a lighter, airier, more modern look.


They have actually been around for a while but I’m not sure if anyone knew how to use them (myself included).

Col A Col B Col C
A1 B1 C1
A2 B2 :smile:
| Col A | Col B | Col C|
| A1 | B1 | C1 |
| A2 | B2 | :smile: |

Improved Emoji Selector

We’ve completely revamped the emoji selector to support search by typing and skin tone selection — and of course we’ve incorporated the latest Unicode Emoji, too.

We’ve also added support for the Messenger emoji set (in addition to Apple, Twitter, Google, Microsoft, and EmojiOne), which is selectable in your admin site settings.

Better Automatic Link Formatting

If you paste a link on a line by itself, Discourse will summarize the link on your behalf — we call this oneboxing. We’ve improved our default onebox to support more metadata from the link, such as the site icon, the date, and the site title. Example :wink:

Large Image Handling

Discourse tries to onebox and mirror all remote linked images by default, so that your topics look good, and don’t decay over time as images disappear from the web. But we also don’t want to use up all your file storage — or blow up your mobile plan when someone links a 30 megabyte GIF file! We now provide better visual feedback when giant remote linked images are too big to display

Improved Personal Messages

If you’d prefer not to receive any personal messages, you can now disable those in your user preferences. (Staff PMs will still go through, of course.) Discourse 1.9 disable PMs Speaking of staff, it’s now possible for staff to specify an email address in PMs, if you want to bring someone into a PM that isn’t yet a member of your Discourse. Discourse 1.9 email address in PM

Improved Groups

All security in Discourse is handled through groups, and we continue to refine groups in each release to make them easier to understand and organize. If you are a group owner, it’s now possible to send an invite that includes membership in your group: Discourse 1.9 invite to group If you are a member of the group and would like to send a message to the entire group, we’ve added a helpful message button to the group page. And More!

These are just highlights of 1.9 — there are literally hundreds of other tiny improvements, refinements, and bugfixes in the full release notes.


this is AWESOME!!!

any news on general chat fixing? it’s completely broken now

I’m not sure as that is a plug-in… so that question is above my pay grade

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Thanks for the heads up @JLabs I just installed the app on my iphone7 It works great, loads pages really fast!!

ah hahaha. gotta refresh to see new messages, no notifs, can’t exit on mobile, upload button doesn’t work and many other things

FYI, on Android you can create a shortcut to a site and it looks exactly like the discourse rendering of the site minus the pesky header.

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Upload test

The upload work really fast!!


no no no I mean in general chat :rofl:

Oh, As you probably know, I rarely go to the chat window.

yea, not many people do. chat went from kinda broken to completely unusable. whatever, i’m grateful for the other improvements

What do you mean can’t exit? I can exit the app just fine on iOS. Upload button works great, I made this entire post on the app (new topic and replies). The notifications part I do understand, will look into it more.

general chat. not the app. i’m actually on the app right now :wink:

I was able to post text in the chat from the app but when I tried to upload a pic in the chat, the spinning wheel just goes on and on.

Not that I even care about the chat. Too much nonsense going on in there sometimes. More than that, It’s just all I can do to keep up with all the regular threads popping up every day plus all the PM’s No time left for the chat room.

Pictures upload 100 times faster in the app… blew my mind…

Discourse says that they support push notifications for hosted communities, I thought this was one?

I agree, it seems that pics upload faster on the app but not in the chat window, only on regular threads

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yea it’ll show the spinning thing. once you reload the page it’ll show your message. annoying as hell tho

Bump… there’s an app everyone!

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