Found a scooter charger... will this work with BMS?

Salvaged this off of an old electric Razor scooter. Is it worth anything for using with a BMS?

It output is rated on 24v, so it wouldn’t charge a 6s lipo at all, but with Lifepo Batteries I don’t know

It doesn’t have the correct output voltage for E-skate batteries. Lipos and Li-ions need 4.2 per cell Lifpo4’s need 3.65 per cell It won’t work for either.

@Namasaki why not? Some people prefer to charge till 4.1v…

So I dont see the problem here charging till 4.0… and there might be some slight over-voltage to account for the load anyways…

For small battery I see this as an option… it could charge at about 35w… which might be an okay for overnight charger, if you wish to charge till about 80% of max voltage.

He did mention using it with a bms and if he only charges to 4.0v per cell, the bms might not balance the cells.

Yeah, it would give more cycles (Correct me if I’m wrong), but charging with it you loses 2 or 3 miles (Or more?) of range, so it is useful but not that great

yeh you are right… I always forget that balancing action starts pretty late usually.

Though, if it is li-ion pack with good healthy cells then i think you could live as it is and check periodically for the need to balance.

We have to assume that people generally will not do the extra monitoring but just plug and play.

@Namasaki Well… with current bms’es commonly used… I think nobody can be really sure everything is all right :smiley:

I would always love to see the actual voltages in real life… than to trust the chargers green light for notifying - battery/board is ready to use :smiley:

No, we can never really be 100% sure. Electronics can fail. We just try to use quality parts and keep our fingers crossed. I don’t put all my trust in safety circuits either. That’s why I have my battery voltage meter mounted through the top of my deck so I can keep an eye on my battery while cruising.


@Namasaki you do occasionally look up at the road right :wink: ?

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Well let my qualify that. I only look down occasionally. when I know I’m getting close to empty or going up a steep hill and checking the voltage sag.

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