Found an excellent deck alterative

This is a board built from a wake skate board that I came across. With a little trimming on the band saw I found that it is much better than I expected. The rubber top surface is excellent.

When it fits the budget the Lipo’s and brushless set up will come next


very cool little hack!

How slippery is it when it is wet?

riding a mountain board ? use mountain boots with steel claws if it were me .

especially if its already had a thick rubber over it .

very cool idea of re~usable use .

It’s really not slippery at all. It is, after all, designed to stand on without bindings while being pulled by a boat. When I want to make a tight turn the extra deck space does the trick. I’m really pleased with it! I just need to build a lipo pack to lighten it up, these sla’s are ridiculously heavy.

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that is my old 24V brush dc eboard . and THAT is my 2 SLA batt . 12V each ; on top of space cell 36V nominal . photo taken just for comparison . when i plugged it in , i thought the china made esc and all elctronics would fail … after a few minutes or so and no capacitors were popping , i ride it and it was AWESOME this space cell . as usual , the humongous dc motor would need to be serviced when i noticed the performance lagg or the board would simply refuse to move . dont buy china made dc motors . good for only 3 to 7 kilometers .