(FOUND)Looking For Enertion Space Cell 3 (Raptor 1 Verson) Or the E-tray

as the title suggests I’m Looking For Enertion Space Cell 3 (Raptor 1 Version) Or the E-tray because even though enertion had some they were too stingy to sell it to me, I look for new used or broken Raptor 1 Batts, I live in Brooklyn NY

*Created this thread because nobody had raptor 1 cells except for a broken one

You are probably better off having a new battery made that will fit in the board. A 10s3p 30q would do better than the original battery

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25r in 3p sags like grandma’s… :face_vomiting:

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only problem is that I need to fit the cutouts on the raptor 1 or else my OCD hurts, plus I already have a 10s3p LG HG2 pack sitting around

something like the raptor 2 etray incorporation%20enertion layout%20needed

exactly that’s why i was hoping to get a broken pack so i could go ham on it or maybe @psychotiller can (replace all the cells with ,30q and call it a day)

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No. Psychotiller is busy making new things for his own website. I’m not running a salvage operation. If you want to buy used parts and build things with them, You need to do that yourself. I don’t have time. Or want to spend my time doing that.

This will be the last time I explain this to anyone.


I have an 8p and it fucking sags 30% like what the f***

well i wouldn’t even call them a 20A cell…

Well even at 10a I am still only drawing 60 battery amps combined

wow that’s sad, i though they would be 15a cells mabye (like some used vtc 6)

@thiswasandy bought two of mine. Maybe he doesn’t need both?

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oww thx, ive heard you had a similar issue with a 25r pack like this, did you solve the sag or what?

Sad thing is. Enertion’s new 10s3p packs for the raptor 1 is still using 25r. Basically I got it for the new lid and etray. Future battery would be 30q when the time comes.

I don’t push my boards hard so sagging is not really an issue. All batteries sag. Looking down at the LCD while throttle was the issues. That number is going to drop under load

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wait what enertion gave you a new pack with a new lid and they gave you a etray?? they told me they had not battery or lids or decks left, the only thing that they said were available were the etray and they said they would not sell it to me

No idea. I was asking about their upgrade a year before it was even made available. I don’t think there were enough demand for it to even be made so only a few were available and it’s not “gave” it’s paid (overpriced) had to pay for shipping too!


If you have the deck just have a similar battery made for it. Or make it your self you don’t need an old space cell.

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I don’t have a cnc to mill out the correct size plates for mounting for the two holes on the raptor 1 carbon plate.

The old batteries just had a yellow plastic plate where the LCD, port and button are hot glued onto it. No CNC. It was cut by a box cutter by the looks of it

This is one that Bara made for me a while back. image


Raptor 1 battery is just dated. Still running it on my Raptor 1 though, but it can barely deliver juice for more than 20 km on flat and >10 km on a slightly hilly terrain. It’s a bottleneck that was also poorly put together. Better move on …

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so i can literally cut a case out of acrylic, as i have a cutter for that or just use hardened cardboard, and this is a regular space cell 3 put into a specialized box for the raptor 1, damn