Found some insane deals on Anet A8 (£91.69) and CR-10 (£259.80)

Just am getting my first printer, having followed prices and researching for a good year. I just got the CR-10 now because the price at the moment was amazing (£300 from using the code CR10UK31). Was also thinking of getting the Anet A8 as that also has an amazing deal at the moment (£112!!! from with the code GBA8UK31), but the Cr-10 deal just got me (especially since it shipped from the UK). I thought I would share these deals because they are just insane.

My other reasons for choosing the CR-10 (and why you should too if you are thinking about getting a 3D printer at the moment:

  • Unlike other chinese printers, the CR-10 has properly specced components (never heard of one catching fire)
  • Print volume is huge (30cm x 30cm x 40cm) - appropriate for electric skateboard prints
  • Printer is pre-assembled (mostly) so even if you have never put a printer together (like me) you should be fine.

Look into the CR-10s if you’re on the market. Several upgrades from the previous version are totally worth it.

Most notably - 2nd z axis lead screw Thicker glass also safety edges Filament detector

Those links are not working for me. Anyone else?

Cough cough…tevo tornado cough cough


Links were shortened somehow? and then didn’t work? Found the links from my history - the links in the initial post should work now?

I don’t see why the second lead screw would help - you are not going to need insanely fast z-azis movement on a printer that will be doing giant prints. Also for the filament detector, you should always know how much you have left on your spool and how much the print will use - you should never be worried about starting a print without enough filament. So up to you - I wouldn’t spend an extra £160 on it given the application.

As people are suggesting more and more printers, I am thinking that perhaps I will alter this thread to being a list of printers people in the community have used and recommend + discount codes if we find them.

Also @vjsharpeyes if you are interested in the CR-10, the £300 deal ends in 8hrs - buy it now if you want it.

Would you be interested in this topic turning into a ‘Best 3D Printers for Electric Skateboarding + deals’?

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Thanks for posting, but I keep reading all over the internet about gearbest complaints, about not shipping for huge periods of time despite showing in-stock at time of order, about them asking for $130 add-on shipping fees months after order, etc etc. There are some stories of people receiving $300 CR-10s. Good luck to all if you’ve ordered, the price is really good.

I talked to some people from Gearbest before ordering as that also put me off, they explained all the fuss - customs. On their site they state shipping times + when it will be shipped out (normally for these huge discounts they use the deal to make a large purchase from a supplier so they wait until the deal is over to ship out stuff).

Also, my chinese friends from school say that chinese electronics companies have this past year hugely improved their service cos of the massive increase in competition (when someone does well in china everyone copies lol).

Just bought one for 285€ shipped - can’t wait. Any tips on filament etc.?

Colorfabb and faberdashery makes awesome filsments.

I would gladly hear from people who installed the 2nd z motor. I read on some forum that it actually went worse with vibrations and some people switched back to one single motor.

I have a CR10 sitting in a box at home for 2 months. Newborn baby … new priorities !

Dito…I’m waiting haven’t actually used yet. Keeping it at work til summer so kids can print projects

CR-10 ( is now even cheaper at £259.80 with the code 11CR10EU! Deal will go quick though as it is part of their 11.11 sale.

Super late reply - try out eSun PETG ! Super filament. Strong and durable, clean too, doesn’t get wet “no water absorption”. Very stiff yet not brittle. Good price/kg ratio and black color available. I’ve tried it and loved it.

I’m looking now into polystyrene filament as it seems to usually be used as support fill yet it is super clean and regular (air doesn’t get between layers) and could prove its worth for mechanical parts when paired with carbon fiber cloth and epoxy resin.

Edit : Ok it is called HIPS filament actually (High Impact- Polystyrene), usually people dissolve it with Limonene. What a waste ! It is great by itself !