(Found some)WANTED 2x used FOCBOX in working condition

Looking to buy 2x used FOCBOX in working condition, i’m located near Montreal, Canada. I am looking to pay less than a brand new one (less than $155US).

Hope one of you guys have a few to spare!

Paying less than $155 for two?

No haha! I meant less than $155 PER unit. My bad.

Have you checked out the enertion sale on the Focboxes already? @TheMrLarin

Yeah i did but its a bit out of budget and from what i’ve read the shipping times can be quite long

You can get two brand new focboxes from enertion for $302 with free shipping. Thats $151 per focbox.

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I just rechecked and you are right, I tought the prices on their website where in USD but they where in CAD… again my bad


I don’t know if they are still for sales



Thanks m8! @JohnnyMeduse

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Theres a chance of import fees then

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Still for sale!