(FOUND)WTB Bestech HCX-D223V1 Or HCX-D596 10s


Hey as the title suggest I want to buy a Bestech HCX-D223V1 Or HCX-D596 10s, I’m having a hard time finding one in the US for some reason. and BKB doesn’t have them anymore, along with the bms I’m also looking for a power switch that goes with it.

*reason for buying this bms, just had a flipsky switch float on me today. Permanently ON

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Hi, im also looking to buy a HCX-D223V1 after having the fuse burn up on mine.

However i am in the UK. would you be interested in buying them from bestech with me and then i can ship it to you once i recieve it?

Yeah sure I’ll be interested.

I can do a bit of research tonight about shipping to the USA. And will message you

Sure, just remember to message me lol.

bestech has a 2 minimum order.

just get two and i bet you can sell one to someone here.

problem is i don’t know how to order from them lol? there’s no order tab.


Email them or message them on Skype

[email protected]

she’s my go to

thanks for the help @thisguyhere @mikenyc, moq was never a problem for me, heck i could order extras since there “soo rare” in north america for some reason.

Guys turns out you dont order from bestech lol they have a distributor. http://litechpower.com/product-detail/HCX-D596LI10S80A-04.html

Any reason you want bestech? SuPower bms is usually smaller.

the power switch lol.

I thought you had a unity?

huh no, planning on racking up some money and buy two.

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Items found please close the thread.

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