Frankenboards, bizarro-rides, and other weird shit you've built

There are cool builds out there, extreme builds, insane builds… and then there’s the ones that make you question the principals of building and riding. I mean the kind that makes you ask questions like “is…is that still an esk8?” and “what series of unfortunate events brought this creature into being?” Bring out the three wheelers, the half-tracks, anything that breaks the mold, post them all here! I’ll start with mine, which is relatively tame: IMG_20181231_175514

@Gols @Kingdom421 help me get this started!


Love those wheels. How’s the traction?

Thanks! I don’t know yet, I haven’t tested it. I suspect that it’ll do pretty well on any loose surface, probably not so well on paved roads. I’ll keep updating and try to post a video when the time comes.

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20180607_140803 My intro to esk8, an old 350w scooter . Cost a whopping $85 to make but it started this crazy addiction!


What kind of bindings are using?

Looks like Freebord S2 bindings. The owner is a super big jerk and I will never buy them from him though. Anyone reselling them on here though, I’m on it.

TL;DR He specifically said he hates esk8, esk8rs, and the “inventory issues” associated with selling to esk8rs. Fine. Don’t take my money.

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@venom121212 is correct, they’re freeboads bindings. I got them some time before the whole ruckus started.


No negativity towards you intended haha

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It’s all good, I know we’re on the same side. Dunno what the guy’s problem was, maybe he was some kind of purist. Oh well, his loss… and by now he probably knows it.

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Here is my Frankenstein. I pieced it together out of basically trash parts I had lying around. I just wanted to build since I’m broke at the moment. But I love my Frankenstein. It’s a lil hard to balance lolIMG_20190121_180001936


IMG_20181204_180519 A guy I met on the train literally just welded a hoverboard to some trucks and he had carver trucks on the front… I didn’t get a good Pic because I had to get off my station…


I’ll be taking that train later- if I see him I’ll ask him. :wink:

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The trains are a mess today… I’m on it now

Actually, I’m curious if he had any trouble getting it on?Mine is enough to raise questions just because of its size.





Admins, we have a glitch in the matrix.

I’ve asked myself this a lot since reading that thread :joy::joy:

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fuck you for making me look at that with my own two eyes


“Hey, you know what would be a really great idea?”

  • the beginning of every bad idea ever