Frankenstein build (?) - putting 2 boards together - NEED HELP!

Hello everyone!

I’m totally new to DIY:ing, but I want to get into it more. Aim is to build a complete DIY setup by the end of the year, but right now money is a bit tight.

I have a Meepo 1.0 with Sanyo battery, completely stock. My uncle just gave me a Wowgo 2S (?) that has a broken deck but all the electronics work. The battery is pretty shit though (he said) and he only gets 7-8 km on a charge (I get like 20 with my board).

So yeah, I want to take all the electronics from the Wowgo 2S, slap in my Sanyo-battery and put it on a new deck (yet to be decided, but longboard-style like the stock Meepo).

Is it possible? Do I need to change something else in the board or is it more or less “remove old battery, plug in new battery”? What charger should I use, the one that comes with my Meepo (3A charger) or the one that comes with the Wowgo (2A charger - I think)?

Anything else I should consider? Thanks a bunch for any help!

i believe both these boards run off 10s voltage (correct me if i’m wrong guys), so you should be fine plugging the batteries together in parallel for better range

It’s okay to use the 3A charger. All you have to don’t take out the wowgo 2s esc plus enclouse and put it on your meepo board. Simple. And if you are looking to sell the meepo or wowgo2s esc . Pls let me know because I am looking for a hub esc.

Thanks a lot for your replies.

Just to make sure: I can take the battery from the Meepo and plop it in the Wowgo (with the Wowgo electronics) and not have an issue? I’m not saving the battery from the Wowgo.

Yea. You should be able to do that without any problems :slight_smile: