Frédéric from e.board_solutions BELGIUM (EUROPE)


I would like to introduce myself, I’m Frédéric I have been building eskates for a while now, you can see them on my instagram page (e.board_solutions).

I recently found this forum #whoops didn’t know there were so many esk8 fans :wink:

I made some boards for friends here in Belgium and a couple of days ago I started a webshop selling the parts I use in my builds. You can find it below :slight_smile:

Some feedback on the webshop would be great!

Kind regards Frédéric

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Hi Frédéric and welcome to the community.

Having taken a look at your site I have the following feedback…

  • You’re not allowed to reference an ESC based on the Vedder VESC as a ‘VESC’ as you do in your menu bar
  • You still have ‘storelaunchers’ in the shipping link in the footer
  • You have two shipping/delivery pages
  • It would be convenient on the delivery/shipping page(s) to show an example of shipping cost to popular destinations using popular products as examples. UK, Germany, EIRE, US, Canada etc.
  • I understand that English isn’t your first language, but the English grammar on a lot of the products needs correcting. ie. Include 1pcs remote control+ 1pcs receiver 2.4GHz. Compact and easy in use! Features look below. What’s included? 1 x Controller, 1 x 2.4GHz receiver. The controller is compact and easy in use! For features click on ‘Read more’
  • Nobody likes to have to create an account to check how much delivery will be for their items. On the cart page you should provide the facility to check shipping for the items in the cart to a chosen destination to get an idea of shipping, even if it’s just a rough idea
  • ‘Truck’ in the menu bar should read ‘Trucks’
  • Prices are a little on the pricey side for some products such as; pulley, maytech motors

That’s all I can see so far, hope it helps :thumbsup:

Otherwise, good to have another supplier in the market.


@darkkevind Thx for your feedback, I will work on it!

Good work Frédéric! Stay working!

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Hi Fred. Where are you located. I’m in Belgium too and may be interested to meet other rider nearby my location


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