"FREE" Belts US Only- Pay $4 shipping 330-5m 9mm

UPDATE: Only 330-5m 9mm - 1 pair left

Not sure how to price these. Shipping probably less than $4 to most states? but I want $4 for 2 damn it unless you feel generous of course :grin:.

I got all these belts when I was ghetto measuring mounts with tensioners, Shipping cost was way expensive so might as well order more belts

All belts are new, 5mm pitch and 12mm wide except the 330mm is 9mm wide only two belts per person.

320-5m 12mm - 1 pair SOLD 330-5m 9mm - 1 pair 340-5m 12mm - 1 pair - SOLD

345-5m 12mm 2 pairs - BOTH SOLD 350-5m 12mm 2 pairs - BOTH SOLD 400-5m 12mm 2 pairs - BOTH SOLD

UPDATED Current Availability. temp%20belts image


I need either the 345 or 350 in 12mm, still not 100% sure which size i need yet! Still have those?

So, is the 320 9m or 330?

@Itsmedant yes I still do. PM me address and I’ll ship you two of each. Just post here and offer the ones you don’t need to someone else for $4

@skunk opps, now I confused myself. will check and fix that :roll_eyes: (it’s 330 that’s 9mm)

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I need 345, 340 for different pulley set ups if they arnt available anymore where did your buy them ?

I have 4 345 15mm belts I can’t use cause I run 12mm set ups on all my builds.

Current availability temp%20belts

Me, me, meeee!!!

I’ll take one 400-5m 12mm pair!


@pixelsilva @Battosaii PM me name and address and I’ll send these out tomorrow

Thanks! I’ll go through my Belt wardrobe and pull out all the belts I have no use for I’ll let you guys know.

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I have a few to throw in as well guys

265 12mm (pair)


I could use a pair of 12mm also @Mikenopolis

12mm is the width. What length?

I need a 350 12mm one! @Mikenopolis How do you take payment? (I’ll pm you my address assuming you still have the belt).

I’ll mark it as sold to you. PM me your address

CURRENT Availability temp%20belts

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I’ll take the 320-5m pair. Thanks.

It’s yours.

Only 330 belts left.

330-5m 9mm & 400/5m 12mm

I’ll take the 400’s. Can you PM me your paypal? Thanks!

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What you need them for? I need them for this…