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FREE*! Broken 6374 190kv motor - GONE FOREVER

i’ve been running @JLabs 6374 190kv motor, it’s pretty damn powerful.

not sure what happened, must have run over something or too much torque on the screws…what have you, but the mounting plate where the screws go in shattered.

motor itself is running fine.

free to anyone that’s willing to pay for shipping.


Dibs! I’ll pm you

broken motor called for - will update if anything changes

If he doesn’t take it let me know I can CNC a new plate.

Poor build quality is <3

geez, that’s the exact same break. what motor did you use after this happened?

I was searching for a R Spec motor first then I had a custom motor made by A Chinese factory, quality 10x better than this motor

Geeze mine didn’t break but seems to have fucked up a bearing less than 3 miles on mine bad luck?

I think its a bad design rather than quality, its just too thin around the bolt holes. I prefer the motors that are totally solid on the front.

I would need a stator for some experiments, let me know if its still available.

Otherwise you can get mine

You’re EU, so even better. Pm me shipping costs to italy and your paypal^^

Damn i was worried about the same thing, that seems too thin to hold much, I was hoping to receive the sealed version they sell how, but I’m unlucky. Is there a way to prevent this?

Can you link to the place that did the motor for you? I’m looking to do the same thing for new E-MTB

I think that would be good mountainboard motor! 7kW^^

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LINK PLZ! That thing is a monster!

@jrpwit I think @Nowind used 80’’ sized leopards… they didnt look as impressive as that 80’’ series motor… but still a bit larger than the ‘‘regular’’ 63’’ sized motors people usually use.

I think the picture itself make it look big… :smiley:

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Looks like that person either has TINY hands or that really is a massive motor haha.

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Changed my mind, gonna use it for first prototype hub motor