Free camera! Design my workshop competition

Well the fact no windows is awesome for organization… But are there more lights in the ceiling or do you need to get lights?..kinda like a cave

there is plenty of lighting in the ceiling. I can always add more but that’s not really relevant.



No it’s not lol I was curious since no windows…

So it IS a true man cave … uhga bunga!

Im not Alf Stuart…

I’m gonna need some time refining my 3D model


if that is to scale you got one big black ass!


shhhh you

20 characters is dumb yo~ Abraham Lincoln


So should we not use the bigger room because that’s for cars?

If you look at the picture above with the giant ass that space is big enough for 2 cars. But there is area to the right side (tail) and left top (ears) that can be used… im not against the idea of knocking out that wall on the left of the bathroom either. Points awarded for creativity.

Also you dont have to use my drawing.


Can you fine tune your brief and also some things about yourself that you like. I already see a wall area where you can keep your boards on display. One your add some workbench and rool storage theres still heaps of room to do stuff in that space. Isnt there a window tomthe left wall of the cr sotrage side.

@Dedbny… He’ll like what we say he likes lol

I could tell you what to do… but that’s no fun is it?

Yeah there is one tiny window but its so small its hardly relevent. I’ll probably replace it with extraction fans or something anyway… incase I wanted to do some welding… hint hint :wink:

Breaking Bad :alembic:

Does no one want a camera? pretty good odds at the moment.

does it have to be done by computer

I’m still down… I need to up load my m-ass-ter piece lol

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Let’s see this mass-there-piece

Doing a walk thru with commentary by son and then waiting on some upload window. Are you still closing it at end of Month.

Wereve subscribed to your You tub channel. Can you post link to your social network pages for following. Havent been able to follow with that @ name.