Free camera! Design my workshop competition

Im going to give away a Yi Action camera. to the best design. all you gotta do is follow me on instagram @dlg_in_hell subscribe to my youtube channel and draw me up a design. I’ll judge the best design and send you a camera! deal!


LOL, you were serious about this :joy:

yeah !m damn serious!

Do you have dimensions of the shop? and a list of what you want in there?

is a 3d model better or do i have to draw it?

Beer Fridge!

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ok so here is a rough plan on what I have got the bottom area will have to park a couple of cars but the rest is open for whatever.

you can do whatever you feel most comfortable with.

This is a shag pad lol

Someone better add a casting couch into thier design lol I’ll make you famous baby!!!


fuck the shop we making porn studios


Pervert, he should fit in a taxt:

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Lol brown chicken, brown cow


geez that didnt take long to get into the gutter…

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Ok back to the business of winning @lowGuido’s shit …

When’s the deadline mate???

Also…any windows?

i’ll give it a month from today. and there’s no windows.

Wow…no windows huh…

I’d wipe around with some bleach…

I think @delta_19 said the room looked familiar in one of those movies he like to watch when he isn’t breaking his motors

with regards to what I want in there, obviously I’m going to be building some skateboards so Im going to need some tools and bench space, but also might need a place to relax and have a drink. its totally up to you.