Free DRV repair for VESC 4.12

I recently had a DRV-8302 fail on my VESC 4.12 and I decided to try and replace the IC myself. I’ve got years of soldering experience, but I had not used a hot-air rework station until now. I bought a hot-air rework station and a USB microscope, and gave it a shot. After a little learning curve I think I have the process reasonably well sorted out. I verified the repair worked, and now I’m up for doing a few more for practice. So here’s the deal…

  • You verify with the BLDC Tool that you have a DRV error.
  • You ship me your VESC 4.12 with return shipping and $10 for parts.
  • I’ll replace the DRV IC and return it.



Could you please add your location (country only) to your profile? :smiley:


Thanks for the tip. I’m in Mountain View, CA (USA). Just added it to my profile.

If there are any SF Bay area folks that would like to give this a go - even better.