FREE GIFT | Enertion W.A.S.P - Hitting Slow Moving Objects Blows

Finally, I am now able to announce this breakthrough in esk8 safety. At Enertion we are constantly pushing the limits of design & technology, our wind tunnel engineers have been secretly developing this technology for the past 4 years funded by our secret black ops program, introducing the W.A.S.P

Enertion W.A.S.P Whistle State of the art esk8 safety technology, because hitting slow moving objects blows Warning. Approaching. Slow. Pedestrian.




Ooo the nano X are at 28 But shipping is bad :sob::sob::sob:

We understand the skepticism regarding shipping - but good news, we’ve got nano-X (and all other accessories listed, except for FOCBOX due on the 29th June), in stock and ready to ship.

We are expecting a huge volume of orders during this period, so as always placing an order sooner will mean your order is shipped quicker.

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Hi Just for do a test i look for 10 remote for get free shipping ( I will never order 10 remote I just need 2) But the price go up to 55$ the remote And is the price for group order is al the time lol All the best enertion Please let me know if you have free shipping for 2 Nano X :sunglasses::sunglasses::sunglasses:

Dang I was hoping @onloop would come out with the Enertion Cowbell





Are the rspec frontwheels also usable for a non raptor board? So buying 2 sets of them so you would have four of them?

I believe they are mostly identical to Ollin Popocas. Seems like a killer deal. I have read though that they’re not easily compatible with standard kegel pulleys because they have a deeper core. Not sure if that’s for sure or not but it’s been said.

Why does the shipping cost fluctuate? Fixed shipping for (1) Nano X is $14, but it’s $28 for (2). Fixed has a different meaning in Oz?

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Get your FREE W.A.S.P & never kill another pedestrian again!


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yes, its fixed, $14 per nano-x

or free if you order over $290USD

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Guys, have a delivery issue from Enertion - they do not deliver to Russia, I would like to get a remote on sale. Can anybody help me with it?


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Anybody up for a groupbuy to Europe for those wheels? 22€ seems like a steal for a set of 4

Yep the hot price is better than what people buying 10 would usually pay with bulk discount pricing - so it’s a massive sale!

We have approximately 200 Nano-X left in stock, so as long as you get in today or tomorrow you should be fine.

Anyone can offer inputs on the wheels? How do they compare to let’s say, normal flywheels and the popocas?

That comparison is moot - they’re 22€ (~45€ with shipping)! Popocas are 104US$ to Germany

Aside from the price, anyone who has ridden these wheels can offer any inputs? Urethane, ride quality, chunking issues etc.

im down for one set

hmm made me wonder how many points an eSk8er would be worth in

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