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Free Hub motors up for grabs

Please subscribe to my youtube channel,

I have spent the last 3 years developing my electric skateboard hub motors and finally feel that they are ready to be shared with the world.

I have put many hours into developing the stator configuration that give the most torque with out compromising on size.

I want to reach 1000 subscribers on youtube so when i reach 500 and 1000 subscribers i will give a free set away! thats 2 sets up for grabs! so subscribe share on Facebook forums and thank you for your support.

Motors spec:

2000w and have been tested to 3000w 70kv 40km/h on 10s Hill climb 20% under correct conditions 700g with wheel 83mm 56mm wide 80A wheel with high quality urethan 150mm truck hanger with motors will match a 180mm hanger with standard wheels


REALLY ! :grinning:

for free ? :hushed:

youtube ? subscribed :sunglasses:

facebook ? shared a post :sunglasses:

also shared in our Electric Skateboard Group

done and done!

good luck with your youtube start up!

I am onboard. Great looking motors mate!!!

Subscribed! Good stuff man!

How will you pick a winner?

there are a few apps for that, but I’m open to other methods at this point.
it won’t be the last subscriber because that not fare.
i can write in a list of names then use an app to choose the winner.

please make sure the subscription is not privet or i can not put you in as an entry.

You mean that anyone can see who I am subbed too? Yea I have that down. And I should post this this FB and other forums?

That’s but to you but it would be awesome if you could and if you do and let me know ill put your name in twice.

A max of two entries per person?

Subscribed! Dying to get a set of these for a fresh DIY build… They look great man!

I can’t stop myself. There’s so much bull and today’s the day.

Reading what you wrote and just trying to keep things real

“I have spent the last 3 years developing my electric skateboard hub motors and finally feel that they are ready to be shared with the world.”
!!!what about when you said they were ready for the world a year and a half ago after your supposed 6th or 7th prototype and then everyone got unridable motors!!? Even you told us not to ride them.

“I have put many hours into developing the stator configuration that give the most torque with out compromising on size.”

What the hell is a stator configuration?? I imagine you got the stator off the shelf from the factory and it’s a standard 12 tooth outrunner stator no?! If you made a new mold for a unique stator lamination shape that did add more torque I’d like to see it and so would the rest of the world.

"Motors spec:

2000w and have been tested to 3000w"

Bull!! Noooo way but you’re not the only one throwing bull wattage numbers.

Im sorry if anyone thinks I’m being detrimental to the skate “community” but at some point not saying anything is detrimental to the skate community. The reason the skate community can take such bunk is because almost none of them know any better
hopefully your new batch of motors, whatever iteration you’re really on, will work and you’ll have some sense to check things before they get shipped all around the world this time. the ones you sent to me and everyone else a year and a half ago were so rediculously filled with problems and oversights that myself and another buyer designed and made our own. It’s not rocket science but it does have to at least run or your going to get a backlash with the above writing.
I’m sure I sound like a big asshole and I could’ve just said good luck…but I’d rather keep this an educational community in which we’re open to criticism and are involved with science and not just here being subjected to blind promotion


40v x 50a is 2000w mate, this is a peak watt rating i am stating. if an sk3 6364 can handle 70a then even your motors with a similar 12t stator but with a wye winding could do 50a peak the problem is they will get hot if you don’t configure your settings correctly.

and are you talking about the motors that you got a refund for?
Yes i have admitted that these motors had faults, but since then i have sold more batches and this is my 3rd batch since that first batch making it my beta 4 motor, (beta meaning released updated versions) the 6 or 7 other versions that i worked with at home included failed first designs, designs that couldn’t have even been tested and size configurations. if any one would like to see these motors I’m happy to email you photos.

At this stage in my life i don’t feel that, i as a person need to defend my self any further nor feel the need to continually belittle or harass others for a period as you say of 1 and a half years.

my wife 1 week ago had another beautiful baby girl, i am happy to leave this community shut down my web site where over 100 people download bldc tool every week, stop the years worth of work on the mobile bldc tool app that i have been working on.

I just don’t feel it is worth the hassle! what do you think @onloop @torqueboards @chaka any one els that wants to pipe in.


@jacobbloy Keep on doing what your doing man! we’re all DIY’s and what your’e doing is ultimately helping the community.

@Hummie same with you man, you’re both valuable to the community.

We do this because its what we like to do and we share it on our forum because we hope to get constructive criticism from our peers. I’ve read all of both of your threads and you guys are both a wealth of information.

@Hummie @jacobbloy

Agree to disagree… Don’t sweat it Both keep doing what your doing. As @barajabali said…

We all can’t agree on everything. In the end with the different options it pushes the diy movement forward either way.

As much as the first attempt didn’t go as planned. Which was to be expected on the purchase… @jacobbloy has most definitely delivered with BLDC tool all the way + unpaid through his own efforts.

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My question is did he refund the old hubmotors?

another of my videos please subscribe to my channel.

love that sound , only if you had gone full throttle .

Is it just a really sensitive microphone or are those really that loud and whining?

Both, the the lid of my MacBook was 3/4 closed and facing the deck where it picked up more road noise then I could hear.
But because it’s not geared the motors at high strain rely on the magnet tesla and current of the stator tooth to really pull the stator to the pole that is required this is where high torque is required and where some hub motors will fail.

Watch this video where Benjamin Vedder makes a motor hold its position, the higher the current it is set at the higher the whine is, lucky my motors are still moving so they don’t whine that bad.