(Free shipping)Dervish/mount/enclosures/wheels/pulleys

Hey peoples I’m selling parts to make room for upcoming Pocket Rocket build.

Parts & Price:

15mm HTD5M Belts, new. 3x265 2x255 1x330 1x350 1x305 1x295 1x280 20€ IMG_20181009_130857~2

Loaded Dervish Flex 2. Sanded, 3x coated and gripped. Has 4x3mm holes. 70€ 5eacaffede1367ba5ba0a77df5dff5a02e01263e_1_532x500 ea409201dfec026afea0003388517713d6406d64_1_473x500 7e10b47c2615efe19cbde9b51a8567fe5bead573_1_690x373 622464d55def21634f83df1841df2a999e2e1074_1_567x500 8fada8421ae64ba064f7fffcd80341c21363b09b_1_690x408 54daf7f1414e8d5cf88f8007977d90d80b6a26a6_1_690x356 IMG_20181009_130014~2 IMG_20181009_130037~2

marcmt88 dual idlers mount for 63xx. Custom round clamp ±19mm diameter. You can order just a new clamp from him. 25€ IMG_20181009_130230~2 IMG_20181009_130213~2

15T alloy pulley, 2 grub screws, used. 5€ IMG_20181009_130315~2

36T 16mm abec11 & clone pulleys X2. New, 25€ each. IMG_20181009_130516~2

HM-10 Bluetooth module, new. Works with Android previous to A8. Needs FW flash to work on new phones. 7€. IMG_20181009_130545~3

90mm clones, like new. Two of them have notches inside to fit Brakeboard disc brakes but it doesn’t affect performance. 15€ IMG_20181009_131217~2

Possibility of trading.

Cheers :slight_smile:


Ill take that

Please reserve this for @Eretron he has been looking for this for such a long time?

Yes please

Maybe something could be traded in return for doing a group buy :joy::joy::joy:

Shoot me a PM :wink:

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Well thats great news.

As @moon (thanks for catching this sale) said. I’ll take enertion clone mont.

Also I will take 40T abec pulley

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I’ll take the bms.

If there is anyone in the UK that wants to combine shipping lmk

dibs on trucks something in my pocket is crying now

Already called it

ok then 2nd dibs if you back down i want them

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Just edited the post about shipping

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I think that’s just a single truck no? Otherwise @Grozniy you’re crazy for selling them this cheap.

oh yeah i don’t even know if its a set or single

1.5kg = 30 euro to UK?

It is a single truck. I don’t want to rip-off people hence the lower price.


@Eretron @Blitz, i just replied to @moon about shipping costs.


@sayekim, I just replied to @Bor.inc about shipping to Netherlands

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Anyone else buying to ship to the Netherlands? @Grozniy If no one is I’ll still take the bms.

Updated the shipping info. Now you can estimate.

@moon tb truck @Eretron enertion mount, 40t @sayekim bms @pjotr47 2dicky mounts+motor+vesc @Acido remote

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Guys, I’m able to ship things on 17th this month. For now only @pjotr47 :point_up_2: is certain with buying the parts. @moon, @Eretron @Acido tell me if you want the parts.


i will pass thanks, im bankrupt