Free Trial on Upgraded Landwheel L3-X / L3-AX

Hello Everyone,

Glad to be with you guys to discuss technical problems of electric skateboard, thank you all for your support and help for more than two years. Now we made wide range of improvement according to your suggestions, and sincerely invite you to review it free of charge .

Please contact us ([email protected] / [email protected])

Here is our latest product picture.It seems to be no improvements on the picture, let’s see what details we have done.

1.Replaceable PU wheels

We upgraded the wheels from 83mm to 92 mm, the thickness of the PU wheel increased 9 mm; and the material upgraded from HR85A to SHR 80AA, this improvement is that the wheel is more wear-resisting, increased ride stability, more comfortable.


Although the appearance is the same as before, the PCB inside is completely new design, we added vibration tips on it, so that you can master the status of the skateboard better. The brand new optimized control code and the remote distance upgraded from 10M to 40M, which makes it more effective.

3.Circuit board

The most core part of this update is the whole seal-able circuit board inside an aluminum alloy base, which makes the installation and maintenance more convenient, and avoid the interference of the external environment to effect its performance. This is only the appearance, the new circuit board use sine-wave, dual mode control (can be used with/without hall sensor), linear soft brake, fireproof protection circuit design, 12 safety protections,etc., those functions make the circuit board much better than the previous generation.


There is no change in appearance, but the BMS are new designed. We added different charge-discharge ports inside, the output current is more stable, the regenerative braking system is much effective and safer.

It hard to tell you what comprehensive upgrade we did through these sentences, sincerely welcome skateboard fans to contact us, we will choose some of them to test our products free of charge. We are looking forward for your joining.

Please contact us ([email protected] / [email protected])



The improvements sound amazing! Seems like quite a few earlier issues are solved with this update. Looking forward to actually testing it out and hearing from other reviewers/testers who have gotten their hands on it first! =)

Glad to see you guys took our recommendations seriously and improved your previously faulty product. There is a place and customer base for you in the esk8 community as long as you have a durable and more importantly safe product. I’m looking forward to testing out the revamped drives. You might want to hit up Neil “BigKids” on YouTube to test and review your drive.


Good to see you are listening to the community, Jason. I have received tracking for my unit last week, and with a bit of luck I will get it this week or next week. Decent weather provided, I will test the unit to the best of my abilities and report back.

This seems actually new and improved and interesting, what sorta pricing are you planning for the parts pictured? Are there specifications you can share?

I have myself and four daughters to help test.:grin::grin:

I know @Mikenopolis has had earlier versions of your board. I think he would definately be able to speak to any improvements you’ve made after trying your new version. Im interested in testing your new deaign as well. Ive emailed you.



Lots of awesome upgrades compared to the last version! I would love to test it out.

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Nice to see a company listen to a userbase!


Yep, trust me - we have been working with them since around May/June and it’s been a great collaboration. They WANT to make their product better. It simply takes time, but at least they (Landwheel) have been listening with a good amount of feedback going back and forth. I’ve tested several incremental (unreleased) upgraded LW units and I honestly can’t wait to test the L3-X and report back with how far they’ve come :slight_smile:


Thank you for your support. We will keep update here。

Thanks for your information, Mike, we will try to contact him.

Thank you for your support, Tech.

Secpterr, Thank you for your comment, do you plan to use the parts to DIY your own board?

Welcome to contact us at [email protected] / [email protected] :slight_smile:

Derek, thanks for your email, we will reply you as soon as we confirm the reviewer.

Yeah I was thinking it might be perfect to slap on a nickel deck I have. Depending on specs and price of course :wink:

Welcme to contact us at [email protected] / [email protected] :slight_smile:

It’s our pleasure to get in touch with you guys here. You guys really helped us a lot. Appreciate.:coffee:

I’d like to try it out, the older version just looked scary, but I can see you’ve put work into improving the design.