Free zip file of top notch .SLDPRT files for hangers, baseplate, axle bolts, motor mounts and pulley/retainer

Ok. Free link for anyone to grab for either personal use or to brand it with your own brand and sell.

( File has a few new edits with minor improvements added now with slightly smaller axle holes, slightly rounded corner in the inside of the pivot cup and added pulleys / retainer)

Baseplates 0 to 50 in 2 degrees increments.

Standard 5/16", 3/8", metroboard 5/16" and SuperStar 3/8" axle bolts.

Hangers of many sizes up to 240mm. (Metroboard hangers need to be 35mm shorter then the front hanger. In readme I said 30mm which is incorrect. Listing of Metro hangers vs front hanger is also correct)

G-Bomb motor mounts.

36t HTD5 17mm pulley and retainer

Technical information for tapping.

Simple readme notes in technical folders

All old links removed and now here is the one stop GrabCad page showing all of my projects.




Ok, I got a couple of minor overlooked problems fixed up.

Made a pulley that offers the best of both worlds, spokes for good alignment and bolted on for ease of installation.

36 teeth 17mm wide HTD5 pulley and retainers for genuine flywheels. (I do not think it will fit with the fatter spoke clones)

Editing it should be easy enough to change number of pulley teeth.

Hole in the center is 26.984mm in diameter. Little holes in the pulley is 3.242mm for M4 bolt tapping and the retainer holes is 4.1mm in diameter. Retainer big center hole is 24mm in diameter.

Note: I have not had it made yet so if you make it before I did and find size issues, let me know.

(File link removed as it now have been added to op file which has minor hole size updates)

Images of pulley and retainer… Assembly Final%20Pulley inside side%20above side 242%20Hole%20Measurementscross%20section%20view 43500558


That hanger tho…

Nice, there is also a nice collection of step files here:

What about the hanger?

Wants it I do

I’m aware of JuniorPotato93’s work which is awesome! :ok_hand:

I’m more interested in metal fabrications rather than printed or plastic.


No they work for aluminium too, I am 90% sure

I guess so.

I just like having things created my way. More varieties for people to choose from which is a win/win for everybody.


Did you make you hangers in 7075 alu? Did you do anything special, like heat treatment?

Doesnt matter, it looks like there is a solid amount of info in those folders

You can just get 3DHubs to make them if you can afford it.

Torqueboard is having a more square 19mmx19mm hanger and will have it for sale soon, cannot remember how wide it will be.

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Good to know. Thank you.

Yes it was made in 7075 aluminum.

Dunno about heat treatment.

(If you are not aware yet, I’m not setting up shop!)

Oh yes, I am aware, I want to try and get something machined soon

I noticed in the pic no words thread. You had custom axle bolts made for some hangers (Trampa?)

They were just longer axles :slight_smile:

Not made for trampa - maybe it was suitable for it though lol

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Before this thread blows up, would you have any interest making a post on Grabcad? It will make it much easier for people to view individual files, have interactive model viewing in browser, and tracking of likes and downloads. It also allows for updates to files without changing download links. It’s also free :slight_smile:

The community there would love it.


i second this idea… grab cad is great

also @Brad you said you are setting up shop?

Sure can do that, first I have hard of Grabcad.

I do not think this thread will blow up, it is already a few weeks old.

Will edit op with Grabcad when I get it up. :rofl:


LOL, I said I’m not setting up shop. I give the files away for free for anyone to use for personal use or to brand it and set up shop for themselves.