Freebord S2 Bindings... Possible Group buy?

I’ve been talking to Steve Bianco from Freebord about a bulk order/group buy for S2 Bindings.

We can get 10% off for 10 sets or 15% off for 20 sets. Before I go any further I want to see how much interest there is.

He may ship directly or if it’s cheaper ship to me and I’ll re-ship. If there’s enough interest I’ll find out the particulars.

  • I want a set of Freebord S2 Bindings
  • Nahhhhh
  • Your a sexy SOB Mikey

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Price with discount?

$31.49 each for 10 sets or $29.70 each for 15 sets.

Never ridden with bindings. Seem like a good idea for heavy braking in traffic.

I said naahhhh but I think you’re a sexy bitch

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any progress?

Nope, not enough interest. I bought 2 sets, for and my kid. It would take 20 sets to make it worth doing.

What type of board are you using these on and what tricks do you do with it? Hopping curbs? slides?

Oh ok, im looking into a set for my new build. the roads are very rough around here and a bit more grip would be great!

I’m hoping to use a jet spud 29, if I can find one. I’ll probably use my jet spud 33 for awhile.

Just hoping curbs mostly.