Freedom B-1 | Freedom Dolly | Enertion Trucks & Wheels | 1x6374 SK3 192kV | 10S | VESC

Hello again !

So this is my first attempt at making anything electric. I’ve had a basic concept of how things work, having had a pair of electric helicopters for 2 years now. So I said I’d make a post about how my dream came true when it did, and it did ! Although still in a sort of proof of concept kind of state, it’s alive nonetheless ! Good enough for an « I told you so » to all the people who didn’t believe me in the first place.

The title explains the technical side, now here’s a bit more about what it should become, and what kind of problems I encountered : As is, I’m going to change my sad try at a fair motor mount, now that I know what kind of shape it needs. I’m still hesitating between Trampa’s carbon fiber mount which seems good, or having a whole new design properly cut out at some local place nearby, which all in all would probably cost the same. Although I do kinda like Trampa’s design. Unik’s is a bit simple to my liking unfortunatly, though strictly speaking he would be my local go-to. It seems there is a certain lack of motor mounts at the moment, in Europe, but globally also. If there’s any other good deals out there I’d gladly check them out.

I’ve had to fiddle around a bit with the pulley and motor axle, having realised too late how short those things are… Shame ! Again, my 20€ dremmel saved the day and made the job (far from) easy, so the key now fits snuggly on the flat spot I created. With the pulley on top, all is held together with a fair amount of super glue (temporary, only temporary…)

The electronics’ enclosure is a solvants tray I picked up for less than 1€ at the store, which somehow fits everything in perfectly, in a very disorderly way ! Looks a bit like my house at the moment… But good news is on it’s way ! As I should be designing a real enclosure sooner than later, to fit everything nicely. I’m also considering upgrading and adding an extra 2 batteries for added distance when needed. I’ve been reading a bit about Kydex, ABS, fiber glass… Haven’t really made my mind up yet.

As for riding, It still needs a lot of careful testing. It’s only been through 1 charge so far, has run pretty smoothly out of the box. No major problems, only logical errors that can easily be avoided so long as you check everything ten times before giving into frustration (BLDC tool, getting the polarity wrong on my motor every time…). I’ve gotten a top speed of 30km/h, without pushing fully, but I’m going to wait until the motor is properly secured once and for all before doing a full trial of it. It feels a bit loose at the moment, too flimsy. Unfortunatly, that’s all I has lying around to make it.

And yup, I made swiss cheese of it. Dominate your impatience if you don’t want to end up driling holes where there shouldn’t be any :wink: Also, measure twice, cut once. Seems easy enough… Yet… You learn as you go! Give it a lot of love, and off we go!


Nice job man! Looking forward to seeing the next version of the build.