FreeSK8 | World's First Open Source Electric Skateboard Platform

FreeSK8 is an open source, comprehensive eboarding & LEV system comprised of multiple devices that communicate with each other to provide critical system sensor & fault data to the rider & other system components. These systems are comprised of an ESC (Electronic Speed Controller, VESC-Compatible), Radio Module/Datalogger/BLE Module (Robogotchi), Wireless Remote Control (FreeSK8 Remote/OSRR 1.0), GPS, SmartBMS (Battery Management System), Power Control (AntiSpark/power switch), Lighting Control System (LightShow Module), & various battery technologies.

Learn More About The FreeSK8 Project here:

Learn More About The VESC Project Here:


I wonder what a psychologist would have to say about this…


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This post about you trying to steal the fruits of other peoples hard work and cash in on their good name and seo to flog off your questionably sourced surplus stock is really the best you can do isn’t it?

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@onloop couldnt you have gone with a different name?

you don’t like my name?

“onloop” is fine.

But “freesk8” was already taken by another esk8 brand before you posted this.

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I think that he is playing into the idea that the project is about sharing work.

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