Fried multiple Vescs :( could someone double check my settings?

any 5V TVS diode will work, The ones I got were

I would highly recommend ordering an extra DRV8302 and like five 5V TVS diodes. Something as trivial as a (SINGLE) bent pin can really ruin your day, had to throw out a DRV8302 because of that DXXX.

I would also recommend removing the DRV8302 and 5V TVS diode and performing electrical checks to make sure there aren’t any other components that need to be replaced.

So using the remaining vesc reprogrammed to be master with the recommendations from you guys above, I did a no-load throttle test, and got several blinks of the red light that triggered a motor cutoff when punching the acceleration (didn’t happen when slowly increasing acceleration). It didn’t fry the vesc, so I was able to read faults off the DRV and it gave these: The following faults were registered since start:

Fault : FAULT_CODE_ABS_OVER_CURRENT Current : 19.6 Current filtered : 33.3 Voltage : 48.20 Duty : 0.671 RPM : 39680.3 Tacho : 20488 Cycles running : 3768 TIM duty : 4051 TIM val samp : 2025 TIM current samp : 5044 TIM top : 6037 Comm step : 2 Temperature : 29.02

Fault : FAULT_CODE_ABS_OVER_CURRENT Current : 22.6 Current filtered : 30.3 Voltage : 48.50 Duty : 0.579 RPM : 34449.4 Tacho : 26527 Cycles running : 3203 TIM duty : 3983 TIM val samp : 1991 TIM current samp : 5428 TIM top : 6874 Comm step : 5 Temperature : 29.02

Fault : FAULT_CODE_ABS_OVER_CURRENT Current : 27.0 Current filtered : 31.8 Voltage : 48.52 Duty : 0.463 RPM : 25979.0 Tacho : 28358 Cycles running : 1924 TIM duty : 3863 TIM val samp : 1931 TIM current samp : 6102 TIM top : 8342 Comm step : 6 Temperature : 29.18

Fault : FAULT_CODE_ABS_OVER_CURRENT Current : 25.0 Current filtered : 32.2 Voltage : 48.47 Duty : 0.458 RPM : 25895.3 Tacho : 29660 Cycles running : 1913 TIM duty : 3857 TIM val samp : 1928 TIM current samp : 6141 TIM top : 8425 Comm step : 6 Temperature : 29.07

Looks like something lose. Check all connections and have a look if there bad solder joins on the pcb etc. People had this issues when the caps where lose etc. I had this fault for a while and than the drv popped…

This happened only once per hard acceleration, if that makes any difference

That makes sense as it is an over current fault. So it appears only when the vesc sees too high values for the current, what could be while accelerating (but shouldn’t happen on the bench how it is in your case…)

Why does the vesc shutdown at 30A, instead of making that the artifical ceiling of current draw? If I want to floor it/do the hardest acceleration possible while staying under or at 30A, I’m confused why it shuts off vs holding a 30A ceiling.

It looks like yew set ABS CURRENT MAX to 30a. You should leave this value at the default whick I believe is 130a.

The advice was to set battery max current to 30a.

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Can anyone help me with my vesc settings? I have dual 6374 190KV 3300w motors with a 10s battery. The vesc is rated for 150A continuous and 300A surge. I’m getting almost no torque at all with the default settings, (I can stop them in mid spin with my hand)

Maybe you want to split this up and create a new topic. Post your setup, which battery exactly, which vescs, which motors, which gearing and wheel size.

Thanks, will do

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