Fried my Focbox.. fix?

Okay cool might consider sending it, but look at the pcb damage though idk if its too far gone :thinking:20190501_215113

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@ThermalM16 repaired the blown fet on mine by doing some voodoo magic. IMG_20190328_204819_671 IMG_20190328_204824_096

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Yes it doesn’t look too good. By connecting the battery with the wrong polarity, the battery got shorted through the mosfets. A lot of current went through the pcb traces. You can remove the broken mosfet with a heat gun if you do it with caution. Then you can see the severity.

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Im gonna try that. You think you would be able to fix it maybe?

I can replace components but if the PCB needs a lot of repair I rather avoid it.

The broken transistor looks like it has been spot welded now :confounded:) Dont try to pull it off if it won’t come loose. That might increase the damage… maybe you need a dremel for that part.

If you don’t want to mess with it now you could send it but then I can’t guarantee anything. I’m really curious about how it looks underneath that mosfet :nerd_face:

Well I tried to take it off and it did work but the tabs on one side wouldnt come loose kinda messed it up I guess :joy::sleepy: but it looks pretty fried underneath anyway. I already ordered a new vesc so dont need this one atm I could send it to you so you can see what u can do with it and possibly fix it. 20190502_201114

:scream: Throw it away and move on :slight_smile:

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lol ill give it a worthy funeral :,) served me well for 8 months

@Martinsp does repairs in europe. I’d be checking the bms if its a discharge set up. When I did the same thing it fried my bms and 1 vesc.

The battery pack is still charging fine so i guess the bmw is still good

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Lucky you lol. Mine went off like a firecracker and scared the shit out of me. Definitely the drv on the vesc then. Worth having it repaired.

Damn that sucks, i can imagine it scared the shit out of u! Man I hate breaking expensive esk8 electronics! :sob: but look is this dont think it can be repaired tho… 20190502_201123



That mosfet always seems to be the one that fries. Better minds than mine could explain why and whether its worth fixing. Hopefully an expert will chime in because I’m at the limit of my limited capabilities right now. Good luck


Hey guys, I had a DRV replaced on Focbox #1 last week as I had the usual DRV8302 fault in the BLDC tool. Then, when I went to reprogram the vesc for the first time, it would seem, the middle MOSFET blew… Unfortunately this particular transistor seems to be out of production. Can anybody confirm where to get a few? My electrician told me it is: IRF7749L2TR1PBF He actually told me to get 6 to replace them all just in case… is that true? Is there anything else I should make sure to check before I fry this indefinitely? I haven’t even got 40 km’s on the board and I’ve already had to tear it apart. Breaks my heart…