Fried my Focbox.. fix?

I was rushing and yeah then it happened switched the polarity of my battery connector to the vesc… the vesc started smoking i then disconnected the focbox and tried to see if it worked with the polarity as it should, but it seems like one of the components is fried… see image. Guess ill have to get a new vesc because i dont know how to replace pcb parts. Now another thing i was wondering is if my battery is damaged (10s2p bestech bms)?? It lost about 10% charge and it was warm for a while… 20190501_180850

@JohnnyMeduse fixes them (focboxes/escs) !


There are a couple of forum members that repair them for a decent price. Try the Wizard (@JohnnyMeduse)


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I did the same on accident with my two vanda’s but they still work fine. The smoke only burnt some wires from the batt to the vesc and nothing else.

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U guys think the battery is fine though?

Probably. Theres not really much that can go wrong in that situation in regards to the cells. Get a multimeter and check.

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Pictures of battery please

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I don’t make the sandwiches, I make mayo!!

Its a 10s2p from not going to open it up though…

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So no burnt connectors/wires? If not you should be fine. Keep an eye out on the battery every so often. Just cause you dont see damage, doesnt mean that a cell or two didnt take damage.

I built a 12s1p lipo and did the same thing. Reversed and it sparked. Connectors and wires were fine. Went on a ride, got back and opened her up only to find one of my 2s1p had puffed bad. Not saying its your case. Just something to be cautious of.


15567468474366231512366023726804 its still alive but motor is not turning just making a beep noice when i throttle up

Yep needs a new drv

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A drv fault almost always renders a vesc completely useless until it’s replaced.

@JohnnyMeduse for the OG wizard, but @ThermalM16 is another option if you’re mid USA

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u know anyone in the EU?

Can vouch for him. Did a drv replacement on mine. Works good as new. Affordable as well

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The motor cant spin up if there is a broken MOSFET. That one must be replaced before trying anything else. If there was a noise from the motor, maybe the DRV is not broken since it tries to do its job.

I replaired two focboxes yesterday actually but those where my last DRVs unfortunately. I will restock though. Im in sweden btw

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