From BELT Drive to GEAR drive - What should I consider before?

@Kug3lis Looking forward to this… How is the noise level ?? And remember video video video, or it didn`t happen :slight_smile: Are this drive going to be for the regular Trampa MTB trucks, or also the mini ??

@Wraith yes we do have both Trampa and TB218/FB230 versions :slight_smile:

@Silverline noise is like cut in half, it’s difficult to compare in video as camera picks it up really loud, but compared by myself to previous people don’t turn around anymore, and it’s bit harder to ride as people just run into the street.

It’s updated version of inner gear drive, with new tooth profile, better motor mount and no more hammer required :smiley:

More I will post in my build thread later on

Most of the noise is from motors, as they are pretty old 3.5k mile range on them already


Sorry what are you referring to when you mean FB230? :sweat_smile:

Edit: Sorry it only hit me now that FB230 is your new custom hangars lol

Damn that sound :slight_smile: What about the price ?? You should do a group buy

FatBoy 230 hanger :smiley:

@Silverline price is the same as old one

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Are the hight from the drive to the ground still the same ? this is the old pictures on the site right ?

Nope new ones

They sound soo good! Do you have any videos for the mini 1:3?

If there is anything to worry about it’s clearance. Don’t expect to ride over rocky terrain with stones around 7cm in size without hitting the drive every now and then. Belt drive sucks in comparison to gear drive in all aspects except for clearance. Down the road, you will be saving money on buying new belts and pulleys. Your drive will be more efficient, will have free coasting/very little resistance. The noise has actually been very helpful. People go out of the way ;).

Weight is actually almost comparable with a good belt drive with sidebars. Plenty of people jumping with gear drives.


Here is my review of new wheel hubs and drive train:

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Sorry, I don’t have the new drive and so far nobody uploaded nothing about it.

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You can compare to previous version same camera

Maybe @mmaner is having too much fun with his drives that He doesn’t upload videos :smile:

Nah he had some issues, but now should be all right, but he is using old version before changing gear tooth profile… I was thinking as 1:3 was already more silent than this, with new profile and oil it maybe can be silent like “sleeper” :smiley:

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Woah I didn’t know 1:3 is more silent than even the v2 1:5! Now I’m even more excited!

Ah I wasn’t aware @mmaner was on the v1 1:3. What was the issue with it? I didn’t see any comment about it on his build log

No big, had some issues with motor pulley on 8mm shaft with shim. I bought new gears from @Kug3lis and now it’s fine.

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alright cool good to know youre out and riding just fine. Looking to place an order for a set of v2’s as well tom so thought it might’ve been something of concern. Thanks @mmaner!