From BELT Drive to GEAR drive - What should I consider before?

After many broken motor mounts and many damaged belts, i’m planning to move to direct drive. Already have 2 outrunners 3500w, and up tu 52km/h speed. And after delightful jens @Nowind e-toxx videos and direct drive sets in his web i’m planning to move. But i need you to help me consider

Pros: More resistance and direct torque. No more belt damage No more stone damage to gearing (protected system) Less lever stress

Cons: Price. + having to change the 4 wheels to superstar Weight. how it will affect my jumps Noise. (I use to ride at night in my town). Speed- will my 2x 63 mm 3500 watts, 4N.M, 250 KV will still reach the 52km/h -actually i was planning to go faster.

It will change my riding and jumping style and capabilities?

Will love to know from those who already changed. Thanks¡

I’m not changing from belts as my first board was a Hub motor but currently in the building process for Gear drive as well. You’re right on the mark with the Pros and Cons but i can add that the speed you can get is easily over 52kph with relation to purely just the gears being able to transfer all the torque and speed from my limited understanding :laughing:

Noise can be addressed if you go with @Nowind Helical gear upgrade but will up the price more though watching his videos they seem very quiet or you can go with @kug3lis gear drives that allow for lubrication for a more slient ride. you can indeed go further as well because its got minimal rolling resistance. The weight will be a factor though as its about 1900g for the @kug3lis drives and those are simply from the drives alone but the torque will help alot with launching you off a ramp or something :smile:

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Thank you for your reponse… As soon as you have your direct drive ready, let me know about sensations.:man_mechanic:

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I think you mean gear drive, not direct drive… direct drive is something like hubs or carvon motors… anything with a satellite setup is not direct… just for clarification


I tried to uold back on calling out the Direct isn’t gear cause it might just side track it but yeah haha

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Sure! Though I expect it to still be a while off as I’m in the process of getting my parts though I have @Kug3lis mini direct drives next up on my shopping list as stocks for those seem to run out quite quickly lol

Trying to keep post accurate is all… lots of noobies hopping on lately and getting confused with the different drive choices


Actually I thought that was what direct drive meant too, but actually, direct drive means you have a drive/gear ratio of 1:1. So technically yes Carvon’s and hubs are ‘direct drive’ but that’s not the term that should be used to describe them… Well, maybe in Carvon’s case you would, lol. I don’t know all the intricacies of the drive train labels. :slight_smile:

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Yeah I hear you. Not sure how the terms like this continue to get switched around lol

Noobie here as well but I got alot of reading and research to do still :laughing:

Isn’t direct drive by definition a drive train with no transmission loss from a gear reduction system?

I feel like this was discussed before in more than one thread so better to quote them than me :sweat_smile:

Technically, you are right… direct drive means nothing in between the work and the motor… but we have been calling hubs, to direct drive, and direct drive to geared so many times(no belt or chain) that is branded: try make a search of firect drive and most times it names geared: thanks anyway for bringing back technical meaning

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Ask @b264 to explain in detail the technicalities of a direct drive and any other drive. He knows his stuff in this subject.

Direct drive basically is no reduction… it can be achieved by no trasmsission or as you said 1:1 trasnsmission. correctme if i am wrong. But i dont want this to get off topic. Let me know about YOUR NO BELT NO CHAIN GEARED MOTOR TRNSMISSION (INDIRECT).:sweat_smile::wink:


You can certainly call it gear drive if it uses gears. But it’s not a direct drive unless in the rare case where both gears have the same amount of teeth, and even that is stretching the imagination.

Axial direct drive would be like Carvon motors and radial direct drive would be like hub motors but gears are neither.

Chains and belts and gears are satellite-driven systems. Essentially they are everything EXCEPT direct drive. Literally almost everything else. It’s far easier to talk about the transmission method (aka “belt” or “gear” or “inline” or “hub” or “chain”) than to talk about the theory of drive systems – incorrectly – which only causes more and more confusion. Truth is a 3 second internet search away.


Well said. I knew you’d sort this out :wink:

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That would certainly simplify things. I might just go ahead and state gear transmission and inline transmission now lol

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Changed DIRECT DRIVE to GEAR DRIVE… think @Nowind will hate to change all his web products… thoug i like the name as a brand. But PLEASE GEAR DRIVE USERS. KEEP giving me info to help me decide sending the 500€ or 700€ :star_struck:

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I only noticed now that you mentioned more resistance which I think isn’t the case with gear drives. In fact I believe theres even less resistance on gear transmission because comparing to belts which has some power being lost through the belt, gears don’t suffer the same loss.

Just thought you may want to add that to your considerations

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I am going to post review of 1:5 gear drive version 2 because it’s completely different gear drive, just have to catch with work stuff first.


These are for trampa versions? :drooling_face: