Front Big Truck Bushing?

Hey guys, I have one of those giant cheap electric skates with the 10" inflated wheels. It has been on my wall for a couple years after riding it at burning man. I got some new batteries for it, went to pull it off the wall and the bushing in the front truck just fell apart! Does anyone have any idea about where to get one? Its about 1" tall and 3" across.


buy the biggest thing off here, email them dimensions.

I have one. That’s an altered truck.

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Didnt see anything on the site that would work but I contacted them thru their webform, will see what they say, thanks!

Cool thanks, I dont see anything about trucks on their site :confused:

The brand is “altered.” But yea man I have a bushing that fits it. Where you located?

LA, California

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Ok. You want the thing or no?

Sure, do you have a store or something?

Negative shipmate. Iam a skate hoarder. You should just trade me that front truck and wheels for a mbs truck and wheels I have. Lol