Frustrated and needing some advice

Hi, I have been trying to build a board for just over two years now and after collecting all the parts I thought I needed I am at a dead end. My first mistake was that I bought used motor mounts on this forum. I thought it would be a good alternative to buying off of torque boards but just ended up being a headache. They cost me 146 USD or 190.63 CAD including shipping and I honestly hate them. These mounts have caused a number of issues for my build including misalignment, scratching up the trucks paint and when I try to torque down the bolts it just twists and goes out of alignment. IMG_20190830_165709861

The other problem is that the pulleys set screws get in the way of alignment and I can’t turn it around because the motor shaft isn’t long enough.

IMG_20190830_165726454 IMG_20190830_165717932 IMG_20190830_165721200

So if anyone could help me figure out the most cost-effective way to solve this problem, that would be greatly appreciated. P.S. my belt is also too short (HTD-5 255mm) and I need somewhere to get a cheap one in Canada

IMG_20190830_165713879 IMG_20190830_165745381 IMG_20190830_165758642 IMG_20190830_165814254 IMG_20190830_165842606

The cheapest and easiest way? IMO, @boardnamics

When he finds a break from his hookers and blow, a pair of his trucks (you’re selling those now, right) - mounts, and I think at this point he has pulley’s - and you’re good to go. He should also be able to help out with belts id imagine

I would advise against buying torque boards pulleys if you haven’t already. I’ve had some annoying issues with them I haven’t had with other (unknown producer) pulleys.

Thoughts on your current hardware though - forget about the pulley set screw. If you can get EVERYTHING else working… just use a key in the keyway and red Loctite it.


Read this all the way through. Those mounts can be made to work. Don’t worry about scratches on trucks – it’s a filthy skateboard.

For motor pulley, as @s5300 said, use Retaining Compound If you don’t want to buy, try to find someone on the forum near you that has some. It only takes a drop. No key needed. Red loctite will probably work too, but retaining compound is the proper stuff.

For a longer belt, try this thread

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Ahh, forgot green was what you want for this purpose.

Also - seriously - this is your first build, and you’re having troubles getting it together. Stop caring the slightest bit about aesthetics. Get it working, and you can touch things up pretty well at a later time with some cheap paint markers.

Two years is too long to be waiting man. Trust me, I waited longer. If you have a small bit of money to blow for now, I can help you out with a fool-proof parts list to make most of what you have work. Get riding, worry about selling things off or using for a second build later

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Motor pulley doesn’t work because your motor shaft is too short. The middle set screws are M4 and you can purchase some set screws and use the ones in the middle. That’s why they are there but we prefer to use the hub on the motor shaft.

Your motor mount does look like an older version. We do have some tighter tolerance clamps. You can pay for shipping and we’ll ship you a new one. They will be compatible with your older mounts.

If you align everything up, you shouldn’t have any issues with alignment.

You’ll want 265mm belts for your setup.


I’ll take @torqueboards offer ask him to add a 265mm belt and finish this build in 3 days. If you take longer then it will be your fault again.


Thanks for everybody’s help. I think I will try torqueboard’s solution and if that fails I will probably go with another solution that was posted.