FS: 12s4p Hardware kit for N.E.S.E

I’m selling my unused hardware kit for the N.E.S.E. modules.

I ended up getting a spot welder to put my battery pack together!

It was $76.61 without shipping so I’d like to recoup as much of that back as possible. I will post pictures tonight when I get home.

This is JUST THE HARDWARE, does not come with 3d printed cases. Picture from the main NESE page for reference image I’d like to get $60 plus shipping I’m located in Ashburn, VA

Make me an offer!


People might want to know the quantities they are buying.

Its the full hardware kit for 12s4p. Not sure what other quantities you want.

If you went to his site, selected 12s, then 4p, and hit order…the bag I have is the exact same that would show up on your doorstep.


Ah, my bad. Didn’t notice that. My brain just read Hardware kit for nese. Haha.