(FS) Boosted SR Battery (Bad Cells)

I have a Boosted SR battery w/ 12s1p config of A123 cells, about 2 of the cells are bad but can be recovered. It does not have a BMS but battery is still intact in case. It comes with the Boosted battery case too.

Will post pictures upon request.

How much do you want for the battery and where are you located ?

Asking $125 but negotiable. It costs $300+ new and this battery is basically new with just 2 dead cells. You could buy a new BMS for like $20 on amazon, and get it working again.

You can get 12 new cells for under 100$…

You can’t buy a new boosted bms

you don’t need a Boosted BMS, if you wanna take out the 2 bad cells and then use a 10s BMS. if you wanna get a 12s setup then you can get a 12s BMS although that might be slightly more expensive.

true but I’m also including the boosted case, the batteries are already spot welded together, with balance wires and everything, all you need to do is hook it up to a BMS and it’s good to go.

it also includes the custom screws and holders that Boosted uses.

also @bobyhack I’m in Indiana, but can ship (incl in price)

well you did say 2 cells needed replacing or reviving this requires you to remove ths spot welds, also the boosted case is not that special theirs even a stl file for it.

You know , i have a 2 batteries 14S3P A123 DIY for my boards and i got the cells for 3.5$ per cell . I am not the right customer for your battery . Good luck with the sale .

what’s your offer?

this is a non working boosted sr battery? working ones go for like $100 extended range goes for like $200-250 might wanna adjust your price glws :slight_smile: