FS: Caliber Trucks, MBS 110mm, Motor mount [EU]

Hi, Ok so since I’m going pneumatic I would like to sell my old drive train which consists of the following:

  • 2 black CALIBER II 50° trucks. (barely used. 2km)
  • a set of green 110 MBS Wheels + 36t pulley form @e.board_solutions (both used for about 30-40 km)
  • @e.board_solutions 's caliber mount v2 in black

20190228_162808 20190228_162813 20190228_162822 Would like to sell everything for 170€ plus shipping. I’m located in Austria so if anybody is interested just send me a pm… :slight_smile: Shipping only to EU… :smile:


Bump… anybody… Willing to sell individual pieces… :slight_smile: Lowering price to 150€

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Make me a good offer and I will let them go… :slight_smile: Also parting out…

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Bump… anyone… :slight_smile:

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Trade that foxbox for the wheels? Whats the traction on them?

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The traction is actually pretty good. We are talking about the focbox which can’t run sensored… right? :slight_smile:

I pm’ed @johnnymeduse about it. Maybe he can help me repair it or quote me the repair cost… :slight_smile:

the sensors on my motor were fried from rain, and when you plug in working sensors it wont make a successful detection

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I want that Focbox :sweat_smile::see_no_evil:

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Haha yeah that is me :joy:

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How much for the wheels shipped to Sydney australia

MBS Wheels sold. Still got caliber’s and 2 motor mounts… :slight_smile: I also have a 125kv hk motor if anyone wants that… :slight_smile:

Hi do you sell caliber 2 motor mount

Yes sorry. @mmaner please close this down. :slight_smile: