[FS - EU] Fund a brotha, grab some stuff!

Dear fellas !

I’ve been moving between cities a lot lately, like a shitload lot and end of the year happened to be damn expensive.

I have to focus on my main ongoing projects - @moon got a taste on what’s going on behind the scenes :beers: thanks again for your help bro - but “Pele demands a Sacrifice”.

So I’m parting out with little extra I have in reserve. Listed VESCs are one-off & I’ll provide ported Ackmaniac’s FW files with it should you wish to FOC and wattmode.

Updated the list!

Following listing is as follow : Price + shipping to your location (I’m based in EU, France).

  • New unused VESC LM5109 based, made by Roger Wolff (BitWizard.nl & “rew” on Vedder’s forum), 2.18 FW + a pair of 5v regulators - PCBs headers needs to be plugged 55€

LM5109 gate driver replaces the DRV8302 and is a 100v chip. On my VESCs there are 3x stacked cause DRV is one chip integrated with 3 phases, here there’s one LM5109 per phase.

Also the FETs board has them irfs7530 stacked together on a single face (à la Ollin VESC) of a separate PCB, meaning you can simply slap an heatsink on the back of PCB and keep them cool easy.

In summary : you can’t overvoltage fail them at 12S or 13S and you can put a nice big ass heatsink on the back to run a steady temp. I didn’t try max amps yet.



  • Lightly used VESC LM5109 based, but I messed up the USB port (most probably needs a STM link debug) and cables soldering is ugly (thin phases were for testing on bench) ; 3.100 ACk FW - 25€



  • New unused BMS 10s 40A (eBay model so don’t push it) - 13€



  • Two New unused Htd belts 265-9 5M - 5€/part


Hope you’ll find what you need !


What are the sizes of the motors 63…?

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I need to check then I can update the length for you but IIRC it is 6374? Maybe shorter, not sure.

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Those look closer to 6355

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I am pretty sure they are 6374. They’re too smal to be 6384’s and too big to be 6355. Those are the APS 6355’s and my annoying cat ,he always need to be on thr pictures… 6355


don’t need any of these parts but legit LOL’ed at the random surface laptop :joy:


@mikedv Thanks for the pic, yea these look definitely shorter than mines ! So must be standard 6374 (and your caat looks gorgeous, no wonder he photobombs like a champ) :smile:

@mutantbass Well I didn’t dare putting more random stuff here yet haha

Edit : Updated with new parts!


What kind of hub motors are those?

I’m not actually sure if those are the replceable ones? Look like standard CDM ones though, they’re pretty good for cheaper builds

It is the Diyeboard / Meepo style 90mm hub ; @Anubis it is indeed the replaceable PU with hexa screws cover, new pu set costs like 10€ IIRC ; I was planning a full refurb (pu + metal raw polished) and still hesitating to sell the hubs and trucks (as you see the board was sitting to be finished)! I’ll post another pic.

More torquey on low speed than MAD hubs for start and hills but less cruise / top speed too.

@GrecoMan yo, check out the laptop


Can I see them from another angle?

Here ya go!

Adding few pics to the first post.

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Thanks man! BTW @GrecoMan battery life is still solid and it comes loaded with Pack Office.

Hehe thanks guys :slight_smile: @b264

@Mikenopolis hooked me up with a chrome book tho so I’ll pass


Alright man :wink:

@Anubis Just checked your sale thread, if I decide to keep my hubs do you still have spare PU sleeves in stock ? I’d eventually take a pair.

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xD Yea I have 3 pairs spare

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I’m sending you a pm for the antispark

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@GrecoMan @b264 yikes. The RT is barely called a Computer


And what are the bore diameters of the motors?