FS: (EU) LANDYACHTZ DINGHY BIRDS DECO Complete. SOLD..no longer available

Bought in Paris a few months ago for 170 euros but hardly used at all. Unfortunately, I don’t feel comfortable riding short cruiser boards.

Practically brand new with original grip tape. Less than 5 km on the wheels but has some surface level dinks from transport. All pictured.

Its this exact board

Willing to let go for 80 + shipping

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Bump. price droppe :slight_smile: d

Last bump and price drop before this goes on ebay :slight_smile:

Up for a swap for esk8 parts or are you after cash?

You don’t have a 40t 12mm Alec clone pulley do you ?

36 teeth. Sadly no 40… Motors, enclosures and all sorts of other stuff.

Ive got 40t 15mm abec pullys, bolt on ones by marcmt88

Alright then. Will take one of your enclosures :slight_smile:

Happy to add cash on top? Let’s say £30 plus one of your enclosures ?

I pay for shipping the dinghy to you and you pay shipping the enclosure to me to Barcelona Spain?

Let me know if that works for you

No room on my trucks for 15mm :frowning:

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Access to belt sander? Lol