FS: Evolve 83mm Wheels New

Hey guys,

I’ve got these extra evolve wheels that I don’t need. Brand new and never used.

$45 Shipped USA

If you are local to Bergen County, New Jersey, let me know as I can reduce the price.

I also have a brand new set I’d part with, if this set sells.

Do they use good urethane? or are they cheap china stuff?

Obviously I have never used them but they seem fairly good? Definitely nice a soft but in terms of durability I wouldn’t know.

@b264 You can make your own post as well. It is easier to sell something as its own post instead of just a comment on this one.

I have never used them because 83mm is the wrong diameter so I know nothing of their relative merit

I wouldn’t risk more than 30 for something that might not be better than cheap Chinese stuff. If they are made by a good company(ABEC) though I would be interested.

If it is any consolation, they seem a lot heavier and softer compared to the Chinese ABEC clones I had like a year ago. They are used on basically all Evolve GT Streets.

I can confirm, they do feel more squishy in my hands than the flywheel clones. They’re probably not bad wheels, but 83mm is too small for me. It’s perfect for a lot of folks

Shipping to UK?