Fscesc6.6 Dual canbus

Anyone know how to fix canbus problems on a dual flipsky 6.6? I am unable to control my slave through the master UART port using my photon remote.

Probably find the answer in here or at least an expert to help.

nice pic but not exactly what im looking to do. i want the left side to communicate with the right side. i know its supposed to do it on its own but something is preventing this. the switch for dual is toggled on already

Its a link to the thread that deals with issues and findings with the flipper 6.6 dual. Ask in there my friend.

i already know about that thread. i asked sofu for an answer but im also going in a new topic to make a bit more noise

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Hate to say it but if they don’t know in there then you may be fucked lol

Sorry couldn’t be more helpful. Keep asking and someone will chime in from a different timezone.

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If I remember right this problem was discussed in the thread you linked @dareno

If it’s the version without CAN bus headers than there is a way to bridge the switch or bypass the switch to connect both sides. I remember seeing pictures where it’s marked where you can solder wires on.

You can lead a horse to water…

I just checked the picture from there website. There would be a way to use dual receiver. The ports are there you just need to solder wires on the skate side.

Then I first set up my photon with the 6.6 dual, it kinda worked, now I have the same problem, do you get the pulsewidth to show on the vesc tool?

I found out I had to play with the Nunchuk app for some reason. @Andy87 I thought I read thoroughly all posts in that thread but i might have missed it. In case I need to know, did you mean splitting a 6 pin like power cables on a computer?jpeg_1559471725399

Sorry my bad. I didn’t see that you use the uart port as receiver input. The ppm port you could just y-split and remove the 5V cable on one side. With the uart i‘m not sure if it would work.

Did you try it with a ppm remote to find out if it’s an issue with the CAN connection or with the settings or uart port?

No I didn’t. I only have prebuilts (koowheel/buffalo) with onboard receivers. I went specifically for the photon remote for my first diy build

@Flasherdid you ever find a way to bridge the switch? Or bypass it?

@Jaeson he’s @Flasher on the other place you posted this, I’d @ him there he’s quite active

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