FSESC 4.2 dual issue


I’ve done my esk8 few days ago, everything was fine instead, but when i tried to fit everything up to case there was a shortcut. VESC no. 1 stopped work. Leds from no.2 still works, connection with controller is fine but nothing happen when i roll the trigger. Usb connection also dead.

I realised that there is no signs of burn of any components on a fsesc, but after few minutes hardly warm up capacitor i guess.

Anybody can help me to repair this pcb? Or anybody have a contact to someone who can help EU best. I live in Poland.

This is a problem with flipsky contollers and we rarely use them. they fail unexpectedly. Try and get it refunded. It might be something else though that you did incorectly. Do yourself a favour and join the other esk8 forum and post your question here https://forum./t/noob-question-thread-ask-your-questions-here/126

Thank You, i’ve already wrote to Flipsky. I won’t do any repair for myself by now. Thanks for answer :wink:

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