FSESC 6.6 strange sound on start... normal?

Hey guys, ist just hooked up my FSESC 6.6 on my single 6474 motor and have some strange sound in FOC at the beginning before turning… after that it starts smoothly… I didn’t have this sound with my FOCBOX. Is this normal? It sounds a bit like there is no sensors attached, but the start is smooth…

Mine are super silent with belts from the start up. Maybe you can upload a video with the sound?

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Check your ppm settings, sounds like the brakes are being applied

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No that looks fine… I pushed the throttle slightly forward… looks normal. When I push backwards there is no sound at all, but breaks are working normal/


Which remote you use? If you accelerate the throttle goes up smoothly? Did you already make a second run for the motor detection? Can you hear if the sound comes only from one or from both?

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I use my own remote… (FeatherRemote LINK)

Yeah looks quite smooth.

but as I said before… didn’t got these problems with a FocBox… Thats why I am wondering. Is 5V the correct setting for the HALL SENSORS? Anyway makes no difference.

I got only one motor installed.

5V is right. It’s based on the firefly right? Just today one guy had problems with his firefly that with 5% throttle he already got like 100% acceleration or so. Thought maybe it could be a similar problem, but if you say it’s smooth ramping up than it’s probably not the case.

No not really… code and hardware is very different. But thanks… all thoughts are welcome! Maybe its just normal… I don’t know… I also think that the startup accelerations is a bit crapy. But this is maybe just because of the 105mm wheels and 15/38 gearing. The motor pulls just 5-8A from battery while Motor is taking 45A… my limits fare at 25battery and 60 battery. I ll swap it out for my Focbox these days. thanks

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