FSESC 6.6 with FW 3.40 and UART Arduino Communication

I am really trying hard to connect an arduino to my new FSESC 6.6 from flipsky but I do only get read errors. I am using the RollingGecko library Branch VESC6 (https://github.com/RollingGecko/VescUartControl/tree/VESC6). Did any body have the same Issue? Does the library need an update in order to work with FW 3.40? I already tried changing the tx and rx pin - that is not the issue… thanks for any help

@solidgeek is already trying to fix this: https://www.electric-skateboard.builders/t/simple-3d-printed-nrf-remote-arduino-controlled/28543/1528

Use 3.39, it’ll work. BV made a change in 3.40 that breaks a lot of UART programs/apps. See the link @Blix posted for more info.