FSR used as foot throttle

Hi, my name is Avos and I have built several eboards. I know some electronics but am having troubles learning the basics as in reading the diagrams. I initially had a zboard, then z2, then got sick of waiting for parts to fix them, and built my own. I am currently using a remote transmitter for throttle but would like to use a Force sensor resistor as a foot throttle. So that is my question is how does one use a 2-wire FSR as a throttle like a potentiometer? I’ve done a bit of research and from what I understand is there needs to be a voltage out using 3v3 or adc using a resistor and maybe a op-amp? Could some1 please explain this to me in an easy to read process? 1k FSR +3.3V* -------////------±-----////-------- GND I As this work? ADC Input Would as simple as this work without damaging VESC?

I think there is more information on the analog controls over on the other forum

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