Full charge shelf life

So, it takes about 2 hrs to charge my main battery. If I start the process after I get home from work by the time it’s done it can be pretty late. Is it damaging to the battery to charge it the night before? I know that there is a 3.7 V storage charge standard. What I do not know is what period of time crosses over into the beginning of what would be defined as storage. I love this battery, I do not want to do anything to decrease its life. Typically it would sit with a full charge for about 20 hours before it is actually used. Thoughts?

This may help https://forums.traxxas.com/showthread.php?8936339-How-long-can-I-store-a-fully-charged-lipo&s=b815154599d046f5cc32b106cc1844ba&p=5023826&viewfull=1#post5023826 Personally I just charge before I ride if I know I’m going to go far, or just go with whatever is “left in the tank” if I’m just going on a short cruise. You could probably get away with just charging them say 3/4 of the way instead of 1/2 way as recommended by the manufacturers and not see too much wear from keeping them charged but just guessing.

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Yep, that pretty much says it all. Anything longer than 24 hours is considered storage, and then in IT said you should never store your batteries fully charged for more than a few hours. That said, unless I am going on a really, really, long skate, I should be fine using it at 50%. Plus I have a couple of little back ups. At least then I will only need to charge every other day.

Thanks @wafflejock

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Yup no problem that’s typically my cycle too usually charge every other day when I’m riding every day.