FULL DIY revived Boosted board 2.0

Nope, i’ve personally drilled about 20 holes in mine,

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Awsome build! What is the angle you’re using for the motor mount.

Did you end up using that VESC configuration in the end? I’m making something similar now for my Boosted build, but I’m not sure if I can get away without using 12AWG wire for the capacitors :frowning:

Nope, I ended up with only one working VESC in the end and used APS dual 8S esc instead. For now my board is disassembled and in need of new battery, the cells I got from china turned out to be crap and had tremendous drift between cells. I think You should be fine using 12 AWG wire.

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Could you send me the links for where to buy everything I liked this project so much I’ll do one for myself and also how much did the whole build cost you?

Which cells will you use now? Or the ones you used are ok?

Awesome, very clean

But what is that 2 wheeled skateboard??? It looks so cool. Is it hard to balance?

Check this out www.electric-skateboard.builders/t/full-diy-custom-electric-caster-board-emax-gt5345-maytech-12s-esc-10s-10ah-lipo/18902

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Could you assemble a parts list pleaseeee and also list what you made yourself

Dude, do Your job, everything is on the internet. Don’t be some kind of lazy ass, with this attitude there’s no way You could make electric skateboard with so many self-made parts. Look for other boosted style boards on the forum, there are ones that use more market available parts. And as I wrote to You I don’t have any parts list, besides I bought them long time ago and what’s available and what’s not has changed.


Those custom motor mounts are stunning. Do you happen to have any CAD or 2D drawings for them?