FULL DIY revived Boosted board 2.0

Hi, I sterted my adventure with esk8 building with a build that was supposed to look like boosted board, I completed it but after shredding it hundreds of kilometes my 7S2P lipo failed (probably because of vibrations and too high amp draw)

Here is original link to it’s build thread https://endless-sphere.com/forums/viewtopic.php?f=35&t=73230 (this was in the times there was no electric-skateboard.builders forum arround :wink: )

Then my I bought my trampa and had another project to work on, so it kinda waited for better times to be revived. From time to time I completed some small steps, one was to make vanguard deck more “boosted like” so I sanded sprayed on grip tape, graphics, unfortunately like @whitepony I sanded through bambo veneer and exposed glass fiber beneath it. Initially I wished vanguard was a little bit stiffer so I added bidirectional glass fiber on top and bottom then applied new bamboo veneer, everything got coated with clear car paint.

Decided to hide power wires under grip tape like boosted does, so I used 10mm wide flat braided copper wire

I had two VESCs laying arround from my mountainboard project (that, I though at this time, were good :smiley: ) and decided to use them instead of my trusty old APS 120A twin ESC, BUT it turned out VESCs were bricked so I had to toss my idea (I might send them to get repaired), even though I had everything ready to install them :unamused:

Also board got new motor mounts that I milled manually, they’re made out of 7075 aluminium, anodised black, motor mounting plates are made out of heat threated stainless steel.

My old trusty NTM 50-60 motors got new shafts turned on the lathe, pulleys are mounted via circlips, are keywayed and so on belt is HTD 3M 15mm wide. I also installed hall sensors in motors, but for now I can’t use them as my ESC does not suport them (VESC would :wink: )

I made battery pack out of 18650 samsung 25R cells, it’s 8S4P config (because of high KV of motors I didn’t want to go higher with voltage),

Also what I missed in my first incarnation of this build what front light, so I made special riser pad with integrated lights (cheap LEDs from aliexpress, turned, to be as wide as riser.

Enclosures are the same as in first version of this board, so I won’t go into details here, You can read everything on ES, and NO I DON’T SELL THEM :smiley: (don’t have time to make ones for sell)

Here is the board charging and balancing cells

And finally some photos of finished build :slight_smile:

And here is my entire collection of my builds


F*ckig cooool!!!


yep. Those riser headlights are where its at. I’ve been working on several variations of that over the last year and the trick i think is to do what you did and just finde the brightest ones possible in the smallest package possible and put as many as you can fit on the front of the riser.

And no, i’m not selling any either yet.

However @serpentboards on instagram is also working on this issue. He’s close to where i live so i might try to meet up with him and share some ideas.

Are bossted’s trucks wider than 180mm?

I remember someone here measured them and they’re as wide as standard calibers, 180 mm it is. Mine are too, I just added 6mm thick spacers on axle to fit dual 50-60 motors,

As for the riser pad light, the key is the lens, I bought single wide led module which I planned to use, but without a proper lens it’s not worth it, light gets disspersed. I’ll take a photo during a night ride how bright they are (today it was snowing in Cracow even though it’s second half of april :unamused:). Those lights were like 80 cents for piece, extra cheap and I think for what they cost it’s bullseye.

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the riser mo looks amazing too. VEry clean.

I’ve been wanting to move to 12mm or higher belts but i’m pretty sure its going to take longer axles. Between my motors being slightly longer than usual and the mounts and pulleys taking up space they don’t necessarily need to, i’m stuck at 9’s for now.

Yeah, It would require longer axles, my motor mount plates are only 3mm thick to allow me fit everything, I wouldn’t use anything different of this thickness than steel. Those 200mm truck torqueboards has announced might be helpfull in this matter.

This is awesome dude! Sweet build, so clean and professional.

Great build. Love the lights, so clean. What did you do for the enclosure? (How did you make it/where did you buy it)

It’s mentioned in the thread on ES, I made moulds on models made out of wood and polyester putty, then pressed hot kydex using my model and mould.

Nice build man, one of my main inspirations to making my own Boosted beater! How much did you have to sand to get graphics off of your Vanguard? How easy was that?

As I said I used handheld belt sander and it wasn’t too difficult, except I took too much of the veneer :joy:.

Update, short Instagram ride video :wink:


Hey squad, could you share your plans for the screws/holes in the board. Also any advice to properly remove the graphics under the vanguard ? Thank you very much

I don’t have any plans/templates for holes, I simply measured, eyeballed and then drilled holes, no special philosophy here. As for removing graphics, don’t be lazy, use sand paper and do it by hand, power tools are too effective for this job :joy:

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Cool thank for the advices. I prefer to do it by hand so that’s perfect :). Do I need to apply anything on the board after the sand paper? Also is it risky to drill the holes in the board ? Kind of worried about destroying the board ^^.

How do you mean you sprayed on grip tape?

I did put clear coat on bamboo veneer so it’s easier to clean.

As for the top side of the board with sprayed on grip tape I teared it off along with glass fiber underneath it. I was going to add few more layers of glass fiber anyway, so it wasn’t an issue.

Any way to remove it without destroying the fiber glass underneath?

@Quent17, if you’re talking about the spray on grip, you can just use an orbital sander or coarse dans paper and elbow grease, it comes off super easoly and won’t damage the board.

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Thank you !

Is it risky to drill holes in the vanguard ?