Full face helmets and awareness

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This thread went full circle and is now quite informative again, thanks gents.

I also learned some forum politics


@Randyc1 - Yes, that is the one I have. Thanks for posting the photo. I have been very happy with it for the price - at least as happy as I can be without having tested its ability to keep my eggs from scrambling.

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Im very confident it will save my jaw and face if needed. Also love that it is incredibly Light and not enclosed for hot summer rides

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Nothing wrong with a Solid Open Face Helmet… i think i look pretty ‘cool’ lol besides i love been able to see my feet easily and i just love love the all round better view/visibility you get compared to a full face helmet!

Advice? Check the impact ratings! Don’t buy what random people on the internet say- get the test data! Otherwise you might end up with a Bern helmet that isn’t skate certified, or a snowboard helmet. As for vision, the chin bar only gets in my way when I’m looking down at my jacket, etc. Traffic audibility is about the same, because all sounds outside the helmet are reduced about the same.

The following skate and bicycle helmets are the only models that have additional impact certifications beyond the legal minimum to be sold in the United States as bicycle helmets (the CPSC test standard). There aren’t many: 64 helmets from 25 brands. These are from the Bicycle Helmet Safety Institute’s lists from 2018 back through 2016. If a helmet is not listed here, to the best of my knowledge it does NOT have that certification.

Skate and Downhill Bicycle Certified - Full Face with Face Shield: Triple 8: Racer - the only helmet with skate and downhill certification

Downhill Bicycle Certified - Full Face with Face Shield: Zero Gravity: Vector M-5. (The Vector M-6 appears to be a newer model; certification unknown.) TSG: Pro Pass, Pass

Downhill Bicycle Certified - Full Face without Face Shield: 6D: ATB-1 2017 100%: Aircraft (MIPS) Bell: Super DH (MIPS and removable chin bar), Full 9, Transfer 9 Giro: Switchblade MIPS (removable chin bar), Disciple MIPS, Xult, Xact, Cypher (2016) Lazer: Revolution FF (removable chin bar) (not Revolution) Bluegrass Eagle: Brave, Intox Fly: Werx Ultra Kali: Savara Leatt: DBX 6.0 Composite MET: Parachute O’Neal: Warp POC: Coron Shred: Brain Box Specialized: Dissident THE Industries: T3 Shield, T3 Carbon (2016) Triple 8: Invader Troy Lee Designs: D2, D3, D3 Carbon MIPS TSG: Advance, Advance Carbon

Skate and CPSC Bicycle Certified - Full Face with Face Shield: S-One: Lifer Full Face

Skate and CPSC Bicycle Certification - Open Face: helmets.org/dualcert Triple 8: Gotham (also version with MIPS), Brainsaver Dual Certified, Lil 8 Bell: Local, Trans, Surge, Exodus, Shield, Maniac, Psycho, Injector, Bike Candy, Segment, Full Flex, Reflex, Ramble full face for kids POC: Receptor + Shred: Bumper Light Vigor Sports: Audio (speakers in helmet) American Safety: ASHP Safeguard 11 Top Gear Helmets R Us: Model 18, Model 38 S-One: Lifer, Kid Nutcase: Street, Little Nutty Punisher: Pro Series Neon Pro-Tec: Full Cut, Classic (NOT “Classic Skate” or “Classic Full Cut Skate”)

Leatt also publishes independent impact test results for their helmets.

Here’s a quick comparison chart of different test standards: https://helmets.org/stdcompsum.pdf

If you have more certified helmets to include, please share!

I hope consumers consider the impact performance data when deciding which helmet to wear.


Well OK then. Thank you for that and the effort you put in.

I have an xl tsg pass pro which you can try for size if you get over this way or get to the Bournemouth velodrome meet?

That would be good thanks. My head is usually a medium but I’ve got some helmets that are xl.

Is this the meet up in July with SR?

Yes l, that’s the one. I have no further details though. Just watching social media.

Robert, Bobby, Bob (depending on how close you are) just put the event info up. I would be highly surprised if he doesn’t stalk this forum

Thanks for that info. I guess that answers my question of what makes the TSG Pass better than the Daemon Podium that I bought.

It looks like cpsc is more stringent for front and downhill is more stringent for side and rear.

On this topic:

Live demonstration in 2hrs30

Similar to this. Can’t we use these shockwatch stickers like they did in mythbusters?

anyone what the best full face helmets that you can easily mount a light on for night riding. I’m not sure I trust most of the lights that will fit on most boards for distance awareness.

Thus, I’m thinking a good bike light that can be mounted on top of a helmet. Possibly strapped as you can do with a lot of standard bike helmets.

@motoskipunk, how about 661 Reset Helmet? It’s labelled as : Complies to standards: CPSC, CE: 1078, AS/NZS 2063 661_RESETHELMET_black_1800x


The (American) Bicycle Helmet Safety Institute at helmets.org lists that helmet, but does not list it as having the ASTM F1592 downhill mountain bike impact certification. The SixSixOne website doesn’t either (as far as I know, none of the Bravo Sports helmet brands have that rating). There’s no evidence that it meets that impact standard (as the ones I listed above do). I’m not familiar with the AS/NZS 2063 standard test speed, but the CE 1078 isn’t as fast as the CPSC, which isn’t as fast as the ASTM downhill test.

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please sploog with the pants on


£35 posted in the UK pretty decent



That’s mine. I like it. And this price is great. But looks out of stock M is out